VIDEO: Media Day Interviews

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State held its annual Media Day on Saturday afternoon and here are some video interviews from the event.

Tom O'Brien thinks health will be one of the biggest factors in determining if State goes to a bowl this year.

Russell Wilson avoids speculating on his football or baseball future and says he is just focused on this season.

Jarvis Williams explains why the offense calls itself, "The Perfect Storm."

Curtis Underwood believes his time spent on the scout team helped prepare him to be a number one back.

James Washington is nicknamed "Sonic" and shaved the word into his hair. Washington calls out Curtis Underwood for not doing the same with his nickname, "Boom."

George Bryan wants to put his offseason arrest behind him.

Robert Crisp comes to N.C. State as a highly-touted offensive lineman, but Crisp does not know yet how much he will play as a freshman.

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