O'Brien: 'It's all about decision making'

RALEIGH, NC -- NC State will work on end of game situations during its third scrimmage of the fall camp, which will take place on Tuesday evening.

"We have a lot to do but its to be expected. You don't want to be a finished product right now, if you were you'd get bored by your first game. There is enough things that we have to rectify in the next two weeks."

"We don't have a great amount of depth on the offensive line so everybody up there has a chance to play. [Overgaard] is a former high school tight end who went to Washington State as a tight end and went to JC to be an offensive lineman. So he's growing into the position and he's learned something new every day. Any body that can play up front successfully and well fundamentally has a chance to help us."

"[Tomorrow night] we'll play end of game situations. Four minutes left to go in the game and see who can win."

"It's good for everybody - good for the coaches and the players. It's all about decision making in end of game situations. A lot of things happen and show up that don't show up in regular scrimmage because you're in situations where you have to perform. The clock is rolling and you have to make plays."

"Mario [Carter] has really worked hard. Unfortunately he had the injury last year when he was just about ready to get started so he's restarting his career right now. Certainly a little tender at first, a little ginger because its his second knee operation. We are trying to get him over the hump and through camp but he certainly has talent enough to help us down the road."

"[David Akinniyi] is learning and like a lot of those young kids he's head is swimming. There is a lot thrown at him, every day something new goes in so there is a learning curve he has to catch up with. Now he has talent, he certainly looks like he's going to be a skilled enough player to help us down the road whether that's going to be this year or next year - that hasn't been determined yet."

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