Locker Room Report: Tom O'Brien

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Tom O'Brien met with the media following the win over Western Carolina.

Tom O'Brien Press Conference

On the play of T.J. Graham:
"I've been saying he's good all along. If you go 100 percent in practice, then that's going to carry over to games. It's certainly nice to see. He gives us one more threat in the perimeter."

On the running game:
"It was tough early. We knew they (Western Carolina) were going to stack the line of scrimmage, but as the game went on, I think they (Dean Haynes and Mustafa Greene) got things going. I think they ran the ball well and bounced off tackles as the game went on. They'll get confidence as they go."

On kick coverage:
"I thought that the ball was high enough and deep enough that our coverage could get down field, which certainly helps. I thought Josh (Czajkowski) kicked the ball better, but our coverage was improved.

On Russell Wilson:
"I think he's still rusty. He hasn't played since November, so that's understandable. He's still not in flow from where he was a year ago, but he's one of those guys who, because of his athleticism, can give the effort and perform well."

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