PC: David Akinniyi and Owen Spencer

RALEIGH -- Defensive end David Akinniyi and wide receiver Owen Specer spoke with the media on Monday afternoon about the Pack's upcoming game against Central Florida.

David Akinniyi

"On average we had about 6,000 fans at a game. So we have about 10 times more here."

"Early I think I was a little bit nervous, a little bit tentative. But as the game went on and I got more used to things I was able to play a lot better."

"Mostly during spring camp is when I learned everything and how things were done."

"We need to get off to a better start. Really stay focused and come out to play a little bit better and be more physical. I'm not completely sure [what happened on the opening drive], I think people may have been a little bit nervous and made some mental mistakes – little things that we fixed throughout the game."

"When I first got here someone who really stepped up as a leader was J.R. Sweezy. In the weight room he was able to help me out learning the different lifts and the way they do things here and on the field he's a vocal guy who was able to help me learn the plays and stuff like that – he's been real helpful."

"I really wanted the opportunity to be able to play. I feel like it sorta was a miracle – I think back to when I was a freshman at Northeastern. They red-shirted me and I was kinda upset at the time but had they not red-shirted me I wouldn't have this opportunity right now. It was a blessing in disguise."

Owen Spencer

"It was my first time playing my freshman year. The first play of the game they took it 80 yards to the house. That's the only thing I remember."

"This whole offseason we've had a sense of focus that we haven't had before. This is a business trip. Every game is business."

"We have to adjust to a stronger opponent this week. We have to adjust to a lot of things. The climate change - it's gonna be hot down there. The atmosphere – we're not gonna be at home."

"It's Florida – I've never really enjoyed playing in Florida weather. Hopefully it won't be that bad, we just have to adjust to it."

"We've gelled with this coaching staff for four years so we know what to expect and how to conduct ourselves. They know what we expect."

"You have confidence in the other players that they can make the same kind of plays [as you]. You are excited and confident in yourself that you can make the big play but you don't have to be the guy all the time."

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