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Jamar Lewter was among the UNC commitments that were closest with John Blake, who stepped down as associate head coach on Sunday.

The development was surprising to Lewter, and while it brought with it confusion and uncertainty, the 6-foot-8, 280-pound offensive tackle remains committed to the Tar Heel program.

"I don't know why he did it," Lewter said of Blake's resignation. "But it kind of makes me think twice [about UNC]. Now, I'm kind of uncertain. He was the main one recruiting me and now he's gone. As long as [Butch Davis] is there and Coach [Sam] Pittman [remains], I really won't have any problems going there. I'm still kind of shocked."

The news was broken to Lewter by his father, who found out from Washington (D.C.) Ballou assistant coach Todd Amos, on Sunday night.

"My dad said Coach Blake resigned and he was in trouble or something," Lewter said. "I don't know what actually happened. But it got me thinking ‘Do I still want to go there with all this going on down there?'

"I wouldn't say [my commitment] is as strong as it was at first," Lewter said. "But I'm still committed."

Lewter is also close to embattled senior defensive tackle Marvin Austin, who is a Ballou graduate. Austin has been at the center of the NCAA's agent-related probe into UNC and was indefinitely suspended less than a week ago for violating team rules.

"He made a mistake," Lewter said in regards to Austin's suspension. "He's got to pay the price for the mistake he made. Hopefully, he'll learn from it and grow from it."

Lewter says the developments might make him looking into other schools. However, he hasn't personally spoken to any other coaches and doesn't have any schools of interest in mind.

"I'll listen to [what other coaches have to say] a little bit," Lewter said. "But basically, I'm still good with Carolina."

Ironically, Lewter spoke to Pittman on Sunday morning, just hours before Blake's resignation was announced. The two solely discussed UNC's football season, especially Saturday night's loss to LSU.

"He was saying they came out a little slow, and if they would have been playing hard from the beginning and they would have won," Lewter said. "He was like they did well, even though key players were missing – which I think they [played] great. Next week when they play Georgia Tech, he said they're going to get after them."

Lewter has begun to think about his UNC official visit, although he hasn't discussed it with any of UNC's coaches. He would like to schedule it during the football season.

"I want to be able to watch the game – and hopefully [UNC] wins – and be able to hang out with the players and coaches," Lewter said. "I want to see what a game weekend is like from their perspective."

Unofficially, Lewter will attend UNC's home opener against Georgia Tech. He says he aims to attend every home game, unofficially or officially.

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