McAdoo At Ease

There isn't much stress in James McAdoo's life right now.

He's 100 percent healthy. He's firmly committed to a college. He doesn't have to worry about skipping his senior year and enrolling in college early. He's just living his life and enjoying his final year of high school.

That carefree attitude spilled over into his in-home visit with North Carolina coach Roy Williams last Thursday. With McAdoo a signature away from officially being a Tar Heel, Williams left the heavy sales pitch in Chapel Hill and took it easy with the class of 2011 standout.

"It was fun. There was no stress at all," McAdoo said. "It was just like sitting down and eating with my family. It was just relaxed."

Williams' visit to the McAdoo home lasted about two and a half hours and the coach talked about McAdoo's off-season weight training, his upcoming official visit and even this year's team.

"He talked about the Bahamas trip and how well that went," McAdoo said. "He said it was good for the freshmen to be able to get in there. Kendall had to play a lot at the point guard because Larry was hurt. He said he was looking forward to coaching Harrison and Reggie and just their ability to score. He was talking about how last year's team was the lowest scoring team he's had."

During the visit Williams laid out which games he and his staff planned to travel to Norfolk to see McAdoo play this season. Williams told McAdoo he was only allowed to visit seven times but that he planned on taking all seven.

Not every coach spends this much time on fish they've already caught -- and that wasn't lost on McAdoo.

"It makes me feel secure in my decision," McAdoo said. "I talk to other guys who have committed and they say ‘Yeah man, I never talk to my coach.' Just to know that I have a good relationship with the coaching staff and the players that are there, it's really nice."

It wasn't that long ago that McAdoo thought he might be joining Williams and the Tar Heels this year. But after briefly flirting with the idea of graduating from high school early and enrolling at UNC this year, McAdoo decided to return to Norfolk Christian.

Two months later, McAdoo is more sure than ever that he made the right decision.

"Last year I kind of felt the pressure but this year I feel so at peace, so relaxed," McAdoo said. "Everything I'm doing -- from school work to working out -- I don't really feel any pressure on me whatsoever. I'm just really looking forward to enjoying my senior year. Hopefully it'll go by slow and I'll be able to enjoy it."

This past Saturday McAdoo went to a Sadie Hawkins Day dance at Norfolk Christian. Next week he's going on a senior trip. He's also worked as the Norfolk Christian football team's chaplain this fall.

McAdoo said it's experiences like this that make him realize just how much he would've missed by enrolling early.

"I'm sure it'll cross my mind a couple times, watching them play this year," McAdoo said. "Like ‘Hey, I could've been out there' or ‘Hey, I could be in college right now. I shouldn't be sitting in a high school classroom.' But I don't think it's something I'm going to dwell on because I know I made the right decision."

While McAdoo won't help out the Heels this year, he's determined to help them in 2011 -- and not just on the court. McAdoo will take his official visit this October for Late Night with Roy and will have his recruiting hat on during his visit.

"I'm just going to go down there and have fun," McAdoo said. "Hopefully I'll get a couple of other guys who want to commit."

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