Frost to Attend UNC Home Opener

Kris Frost was unable to attend North Carolina's season opening contest against LSU at the Georgia Dome. Instead, the 6-foot-2, 216-pound athlete from Matthews (N.C.) Butler will be in Chapel Hill this Saturday.

"[The UNC-LSU game] being at a neutral site would make it a little harder to get tickets and we did have a lot going on with my season," Frost said of why he changed his original plan to travel to Atlanta. "And I already knew I had the opportunity to go to [Saturday's] game against Georgia Tech."

Like many others nationwide, Frost watched the UNC-LSU game, which pitted two of his favorite schools against one another, on TV.

"I was pretty disappointed in the fact that [UNC] didn't have all it's people, because of the mistakes that they've made," Frost said. "They weren't fully loaded, [because] they had 13 players out, so I really didn't get to see all that they had.

"But it really showed me a lot with [UNC] with how they did with 13 players being out – that's amazing. How Coach Butch Davis brought that team together [and] really showed them ‘We can get the job done.' I can only imagine what they could have done if they would have had all 13 players that they lost. That really just shows how good of a coach Butch Davis is."

Frost has visited UNC a couple of times in the past. But Saturday's visit will be his first football game in Kenan Stadium.

"I just took all the schedules, put them down with my mom, my dad, and my brother, we just laid them all out, and we just saw where they fit," Frost said. "That was one of the games that just fit at the perfect time."

Frost's schedule also includes an unofficial visit to Auburn for the LSU game, and official visits to Michigan during the weekend of Oct. 9 (versus Michigan State) and LSU during the weekend of Nov. 6 (vs. Alabama).

"I wish I had more official visits to use, but [I don't]" Frost said. "So I'm not doing official visits to the ones that are close by like [UNC] and Georgia Tech. And it's not off of interest level, because I'm just as interested in Georgia Tech and [UNC] as I am in LSU and Auburn. I'm really trying to see the game time atmosphere, but it's a lot easier to make it to those schools nearby."

Frost is also in the process of scheduling an official trip to California.

"My mom and I were trying to set something up with Cal this week," Frost said. "But with Cal being so far, we don't know if we want to do it while the season is in, because if [Butler] does make it to the state championship, I can't miss any practices."

Frost isn't exactly sure which schools will receive his two remaining official visit dates.

Frost's favorite schools list consists of Auburn, California, Georgia Tech, LSU, Michigan, and UNC.

"They all have their characteristics in how I can fit the best in what they do," Frost said. "They're all different, but they're all great opportunities.

"Really, I'm just trying to go to the games and see the game time atmosphere and see which one I like the most. See how the crowd is [and] see how the football program is in-season. I got to get up to all these schools [before], but while nothing was going on there."

Heading into the game visit portion of his recruitment, Frost says Auburn, LSU, and Michigan are "sticking out" among his favorite schools.

"The atmosphere and I'd say the tradition is really what's sticking out – you don't get any greater than Michigan, Auburn, and LSU," Frost said. "And that's really what's pushing me towards them.

"But at the same time, the opportunities that [UNC], Georgia Tech, and Cal are pretty good, too. And that's what's keeping them in the race."

Frost will be graduating from Butler in December and then enroll in his chosen school in January. Thus, he's looking at a December decision date.

"Really, at this point now, it will be the atmosphere and how I feel there," Frost said. "What feels like home?"

Frost is primarily being recruited as an athlete.

"A lot of them are giving me the chance to come in and play receiver," Frost said. "And that really shows me that they think a lot of about me as a person, and not just a football player and what I can do for their football program. If I don't make it at wide receiver, I can always fall back on linebacker."

Frost starts at both wide receiver and linebacker for nationally ranked Butler, which scored a major victory over Rockingham (N.C.) Richmond Senior this past Saturday.

"It was a big stepping stone for us," Frost said. "It really told us that we are capable of doing what we did last year. A lot of people doubted us, not only from the people that we lost to graduation but the people that we lost like Christian [LeMay]. We really wanted to go out and prove that we still had the athletes to go out and get the job done… I think we really got that point across pretty clear with a 21-7 win over a great Richmond County team."

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