Q&A with Dexter Reid

<i>Inside Carolina</i>'s J.B. Cissell interviewed UNC senior all-ACC safety Dexter Reid Wednesday evening at spring practice.

How does it feel to be back on the practice field?

"It feels great (grinning from ear to ear). Speaking for myself and a lot of other guys on the team, it's a way of relaxing--to get your mind off of school and being stressed out with everything else going on. Getting back into football is a great thing."

How do you feel now about not entering the NFL draft, and what went into that?

"Nothing really went into it. I have to say that was more speculation and rumors and accusations. People were saying I was going to come out. I never said anything about leaving school early. I promised my mother that I was going to graduate and get her a degree. When that started going around, I just came up with people who have stereotypes or accusations against me, whether they were positive or negative. I just smile and let people think what they wanted to think."

I think part of that was because you were first team All-ACC. How did that feel?

"Individual awards are an honor, but this is a team game, and it's all about W's on all levels. I would trade it for an ACC ring anytime.

How is the other safety position shaking out?

"Guys are competing hard. Guys are asking questions. Guys are interested in learning. Guys want that spot. We all are competing. That's how you have to look at it when you go out to prepare, and that's how you better yourself each and every day."

How has the shuffling of positions on defense benefited the team?

"They have the athleticism, but the transition might be difficult at first. Once guys get the understanding of the basics of the position--whether it's from offense to defense or defense to offense--and get the technique and footwork down, everybody will be all right."

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