UNC-GT: Postgame Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Butch Davis, T.J. Yates, Quan Sturdivant, Zack Pianalto and Quinton Coples, who spoke to the media following UNC's 30-24 loss to Georgia Tech on Saturday.

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Opening comments:
"As I told the players in the locker room, I don't think I could be much prouder of the way they continue to compete, to practice, to play. Those kids are going out on that field and they're doing everything humanly possible that they can to help this football team get a win.

"[Georgia Tech] is a tough team to play against -- not only from a talent standpoint, [but] from a schematic standpoint. And there's a certain formula that you have to have to try to beat Georgia Tech. You go into the ballgame knowing that you're just going to have a limited number of possessions during the course of the game just because of the scheme and the style that they play.

"And a couple of things happened our way that we would have liked to have capitalized on. You've got to get some fourth down stops, because they historically have gone for it on fourth down multiple times over the last three seasons. And when you get those, it's almost like a turnover because there's not going to be a field position switch, you're going to be able to take the ball over at that point in time.

"Certainly one of the biggest was having a 24-17 lead. You get a stop, you get the ball, now if you can go down and make it more than a one-score ballgame it really enhances your opportunity to kind of make them play left-handed a little bit. It takes the ball out of the fullback some of the time, it makes them have to throw the ball a little bit more -- do some things they don't like to do.

"As long as they're staying in that comfort zone of a tie ballgame, slightly behind, a little bit of a lead, they can continue to operate business as usual.

"For some of the young kids -- we played a couple of freshmen defensive linemen today -- the schemes that they use, it's a learning process, it's a baptism under fire [for those kids]. And as the game went along, we got a little bit better. You've got to tackle well against Georgia Tech, the ball's going to get pitched on the perimeter, you've got to play cut blocks, you've got to play chop blocks."

On Johnny White's success:
"One, I think our offensive line has continued to improve over last year. Last year was a group of kids that got thrown together, because of a lot of injuries, because of graduation and they never really gelled and never really got any kind of cohesiveness. We worked hard in the spring time [and] we worked hard in training camp to try to get a good solid staring five guys and two or three guys that can come in. I think we played eight offensive linemen again today to try to keep guys fresh, but also to grow our own depth and grow guys that can go into the ballgame. I thought our tight ends and our offensive line did a good job blocking.

"And certainly, you saw the passion that Johnny ran with. Helmets were flying off and he was dragging people. He really ran the ball really well today."

On the turnovers and time of possession in the second half:
"Always a killer. The time of possession is the thing that you go into [the game] knowing that you're going to have a hard time matching them for time of possession. If you can just minimize some of it, that's where you need to get some stops. We let them off the hook a couple of times when we had them in third downs."


On the running game:
"We ran the ball very well – used different things out of different formations [and] different looks. John [White] and Shaun [Draughn] did a great job running the ball. And we've just got to keep it up."

On the discrepancy in time of possession:
"We know playing a team like this we are going to get two or three less possessions than a normal game. So we've got to make every single one count, which is why those two turnovers absolutely killed us – giving the ball back. Defense did a good job getting us the ball back."


On a young defense maintaining its assignments:
"It is for four quarters. We played good coming out of the second half, but four quarters are hard to keep it up. We are improving, so we've just got to get better for next week playing Rutgers."

On the trust that's involved:
"That's the whole thing about it -- you've got to trust your teammate. It's assignment football. Everybody has got to do their job."


On two close loses:
"It [comes down to] consistency. I think we look at the LSU game -- I know it's in the past -- bad first half, good second half. We look at this game, we came out strong, dulled a little bit, get a little bit back. In this league, you've got to be consistent week in and week out every minute -- that's something we've got to get better at."

On their second half adjustments:
"I don't know their schemes that well. In the running game, they were looping D-ends back to us and that kind of threw us off a little bit. We gashed them on a few, but they made adjustments and they started counteracting. You've just got to tip your hat to them."


On regrouping as a team:
"Just going to go back to practice, get better and get back focused."

On the triple-option offense:
"It's the same thing year in and year out, not going to see anything different. It's not hard to defend, it's more of a missed assignment thing. We get caught looking at the backfield when we are supposed to be watching our man."

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