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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's Monday press conference coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Butch Davis, T.J. Yates and Shaun Draughn, who spoke to the media as the Tar Heels prepare to welcome Clemson to Kenan Stadium on Saturday.

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On the next opponent: Clemson -
"I told our team yesterday that this upcoming game against Clemson - this is probably the best football team we've played thus far; the most complete team. They have the best athletes, they're very, very good on offense and very good on defense, and on special teams they are outstanding. They've played some tough games against two very good teams - Auburn and Miami - that have a lot of athletes. This team is very dangerous because they have the ACC's leading rusher, the nation's No. 2 punt returner - Marcus Gilchrist does an awful lot of good things - defensively they have a lot of depth - Daquan Bowers is one of the premiere defensive linemen in the country. They, like we have been in the past, rotate and play a lot of guys. One of our coaches mentioned last night that they have over 25 players that have played defensively for them this year, so they're getting a lot of guys into the game. So certainly this will be a big challenge."

On the plan for getting Deunta Williams ready for his first game on Saturday -
"The way that we work most of our starters is they get 65-70% of the reps and the backups get the rest. Just simply by the idea that he's been out for a while, he may get a little more than he would have gotten in a regular week."

Update on Quan Sturdivant's injury status -
"He's making really good improvement. He strided Saturday before the game and we looked at him. On Sunday he was much, much better. Any kid with an injury, our trainers push him a little further than the day before and evaluate the next day to see if there was a set back. Thus far we've had no set back. Every day he's gotten better and better. It'll be during the course of the week to find out his availability - we may not know that until Wednesday, Thursday, Friday ... I think it was a prudent decision. Could he have played if it was the last game of the season? We could have pushed the envelope. But with eight games remaining, we couldn't afford any setback, so I think the smart thing to do was to hold him out."

On the latest reports that former assistant John Blake had referred former recruits to an agent -
"The comment that I can make about that is that when it became apparent to us that there was an inappropriate relationship between Coach Blake and Gary Wichard, we immediately distanced ourselves from Coach Blake. There's a lot of things that are alleged and are out there, I can't begin to tell you if they're true, but what I can tell you is that I've told our coaching staff repeatedly over the last three seasons: 'Do not get involved with coaches to players to agents; do not recommend anyone to anyone.' ... I can promise you and tell you that if we'd have ever known that any of these allegations were absolutely true, Coach Blake would have been dismissed, I would have fired him. ... I know that Coach Blake has been interviewed by the NCAA and the state attorney general and as far as I know it's clearly in their hands. ... I am very sorry that all of this stuff has tainted the football program and as the head football coach I take a tremendous amount of responsibility for all the football-related issues. I'm the head guy. I'm sorry it has affected the football program, but I'll tell you what I'm more sorry about - I'm sorry that I trusted John Blake."


Where's the team's confidence at now as opposed to two weeks ago?
"It has turned right around for us. It was very frustrating going into those first two games and losing by (less than a touchdown), but in that we knew we had confidence going into the next couple games that if we do what we're supposed to do things will turn around for us - we definitely needed that going into conference play."

Will Robert Quinn play the role of Daquan Bowers in practice this week?
"Yeah, he'll have on the Daquan Bowers jersey in practice this week. It's great work for our tackles. We're starting to get guys back, but before all that we had the best scout team in the nation. So that was helping out our offense. It's not like those guys were ticked off about it, they were going at us every chance they'd get and it's helped us out."


How important is it for this team to establish the running game?
"It gives us different dimensions on offense. T.J. has been doing a great job this year, making great decisions, and I think the running game will open up the passing game even more for him."

Are you and Johnny White still chatting about getting 1,000 yards?
"We were talking about it yesterday in the weight room. We know we're capable of it, and we just did something that hadn't been done in six years, so we feel like we can shoot for the stars."

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