UNC-Wyoming: McClain, player quotes


Senior Donta Richardson

"We zoned them -- We made them shoot some different shots. When we went to zone they couldn't get the same looks. We got so close, and one of them stepped up and hit a shot. I am just in awe to be in North Carolina. It was a great experience to play at Kansas and at North Carolina [this season]."

Wyoming coach Steve McClain

"They fed off the crowd and when we turned it over, we just didn't take care of the basketball. They did a great job of getting up in us, but we didn't take care of it and that fed into a lot of layups for them. You can't win on the road giving up layups.

"It was a pretty good crowd out there. I think any time you can get 20,000 fans for an NIT game it says something about this program. You could tell they [the crowd] had done their homework on us. I think they were excited, and that's good. I like this (Carolina) team. There are some guys out there that are going to be there for a long time."

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