Media Day: Roy Williams

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- North Carolina's 2010-11 season begins on Friday with Late Night with Roy. The UNC head coach talked to reporters Thursday afternoon as part of Basketball Media Day at the program's practice facility.

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On how the NCAA investigation stands with the basketball program:
"I know that they've [the school] told me we're in great shape and I know they haven't requested any meetings with me, or any meetings with any of our players. I've got enough things to worry about, and with the Chancellor and with [athletic director] Dickie [Baddour], I think we've got great guidance and they're doing everything they have to do to not be surprised. And so I would feel like if there was anything negative, I would know about it – and I haven't heard one thing whatsoever."

On his concern with agents targeting his high-profile players:
"I can't imagine anybody in the country that worries about, and tries to keep their eyes and ears open on that more than I do. I cannot imagine. I check every ticket list – personally check every ticket list. I'm the guy that stuffs the envelopes [with tickets] in every road game. I want to know who it is hanging around the locker room; I want to know who that guy is. We start from the first day, talking about it."

On agents:
"There's really nothing they can do for you; you can either frickin' play or you can't… I don't like the guys, even the guys that are good, I don't like them. I tell them, ‘You're the best in a terrible profession.' And I've got some guys that I've had two or three of my guys stay with, and I say, ‘I still don't like you.'""

On the difficulty of trying to monitor student-athletes:
"We have 800 student-athletes on this campus. That means we have 1,600 parents. That means we have 2,400 people, and there is no way in Hades you can monitor what they do all the time. The only thing you can do is educate them, and plead, and beg, borrow and steal, and get them to come around to your line of thinking – and that's exactly the way I feel… You have no way of monitoring everything they do, every second of the day. And yet, that's what you want to do, and that's what you're held accountable for in some cases. But it's not an easy deal… The bottom line is, people have to make decisions, and the bottom line is, people should know right from wrong."

On the recruitment of Alabama transfer Justin Knox:
"There weren't a heck of a lot of choices. Guys like that don't go walking up and down the street in front of your door all the time. We identified six people and to us, he was by far the most attractive, the best, most able to do the work academically and the most experienced."

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