UNC-UM: Postgame Interviews

MIAMI -- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes audio from head coach Butch Davis, T.J. Yates, Deunta Williams and Johnny White, who spoke to the media following UNC's loss to Miami on Saturday.

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Opening comments:
"I think we lost to a pretty good football team tonight - one that's got a lot of talent and played well. I thought that one of the most significant factors in the ballgame was we never ever really got a real good handle on the running game. They were able to really kind of keep us off balance with the run and the play action pass. They played well and I thought our kids got off to a good start.

"We had a chance to play a little bit better early in the game to put some points on the board when Anthony Elzy, unfortunately, fumbled in the end zone. It could have been a huge play. Obviously, one of the formulas for playing against Miami is to try to take the run away by keeping the score to such that it makes them have to play a little bit more pass oriented and a little bit less run-oriented. They're a good football team. I was proud of the way our kids competed, the way that they played, and we will learn something from tonight's game and we will play better next week."

On if Miami's running game helped protect Jacory Harris:
"We knew going into the ball game that they had several personnel packages that included six offensive linemen - where they use a big offensive lineman as a true tight end along with a tight end and multiple backs in the back field. They kept us off balance with it. They had some success and they did a good job. Their running backs ran hard."

On injuries taking a toll on the team:
"It's a challenge. As I told the players in the locker room, coaches always say that you're one injury away or one something from somebody having to go into the ball game and step up. I would venture to say that probably cost us every single kid that we thought we were going to redshirt. We probably won't be able to redshirt any of them. We probably have to end up playing all of these kids before the season is over."


On the game:
"We did a good job coming out, and when we had the chance to build some momentum and go up on them, we shot ourselves in the foot and fumbled into the end zone. That kind of killed our momentum because early we should've been up 17-6 and it's tough to play a team like that when they get momentum. When they start doing well defensively and offensively they have a lot of motivation to keep playing well. We can't get in holes against a team like that and beat ourselves because they will take advantage of mistakes."

On continual poor field position:
"That definitely hurt us. Once we got the ball we were so unsuccessful on third down because we were so unsuccessful on first down, which led us to get behind the count with second and long. We gave up some sacks and negative runs on first down and it killed the start of our drives. We couldn't build any momentum after that."


On injuries playing a toll:
"Well I think it was obvious they tried to pick on us in the secondary tonight. But at the same time, we haven't had Kendric or C.B. all year. So it wasn't like that was anything new for us. We were just down one corner and we have young guys that can play. I was telling them how when we were freshmen we would get picked on too. The only way to get them to stop picking on you is to make them go away from you. We encourage them ... [and they] just need to go out and play."


On struggling to move the ball:
"We couldn't really get a routine going. We had some plays get us off schedule, sacks and negative runs that got us off schedule."

On not scoring touchdowns on the first two drives:
"That's deflating to any team. When you're playing a team as good as Miami, you need to take advantage of every opportunity you get in the red zone and can't leave points out there on the field."

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