UNC-Gtown: Locker Room Report, Part I


What's going through your head now as you look back on your career here at UNC?

A lot of things. It's very emotional, you can't really …it's hard to kind of rationalize it. I dreamed about coming here and I came here and now it's over. What has gone into that, coming here and playing here – the time and the effort – and now it's over.

Any immediate reflections on your teammates?

Great group of guys. Tons of talent, tons of heart and they'll do big things in the future. We had up and down times. Sean's injury was big, but the guys kept fighting. We could have folded up and had two wins in the ACC, but had a big win in the ACC Tournament and then regrouped again. Two great games and then didn't have it all tonight. The guys are resilient – anybody can see that – and I'm glad I played with them.

What's next for you personally in terms of basketball?

I'm going to speak with Coach Guthridge and Coach Smith, and the current staff, right now about trying out and opportunities overseas and go from there. Start working out soon and I'm confident I'll land somewhere.

And how would you look back on Coach Doherty's development this season with this young team?

He obviously came in with a different mindset – he knew he had to be more patient with this team just because we had so much youth and he constantly had to do that this season. He's a coach that gives tremendous effort and he's dedicated to the program. That shows in our team. It was a challenging year for him, too, with the youth and the injury, but he's still standing.

What does the future hold for this team?

The future's bright. These guys get along with each other. Like I said earlier, tons of talent, tons of heart and they've got some killer instincts and that will develop over time. You mix those things together and they're going to be successful.

Do you expect Matt Doherty to be the head coach here next season?

I do.


I know you're disappointed right now, but looking ahead, what does the future hold for this team?

I'm real excited, though, seeing what we did down the stretch beating big teams. I like our chances for next year.

How did this long season wear on you as a team and you as an individual?

Two years have been rough. I never expected my college seasons to be like this, especially not last year. It's made me even hungrier for next year and these two years I've got to learn from them. I know what I need to work on and now I know what college basketball is all about.

Are you confident that this whole group is going to be able to stick together?

I hope so, because we have a bright future. We just have to make the right decisions for this program. To get this program back – whatever it takes, that's what we have to do.

Who has to make that right decision?

The players, coaching staff, athletic director – everyone. We have to sit down and talk and come to a unanimous decision that's best for the program.

What do you think is the right decision?

Just everybody get out what they need to get out and say what's needed to be done. Changes … changes need to be made. Someone's not happy, let's talk about it and let's change it. Each and every player, coaches, athletic director, whatever.

What are the changes that you think need to be made?

I don't know … ups and downs, some guys started, some guys did not … just consistency. Everybody's just got to be on the same page – sometimes it wasn't like that this year. But I think for the most part we are a pretty tight team, coaching staff and everything. We're just going to sit down and just make decisions.

You have any idea what those decisions might be?

No, I don't know. We've just got to sit down and meet and just see what the future holds for this program.

Do you think Matt Doherty will be part of the future of this program?

Maybe. If that's the right decision to make for the program, sure. If it's not, well then not. We just have to make the right decision and we're going to sit down and talk about that.

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