Monday PC Interviews

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's Monday press conference coverage includes head coach Butch Davis, offensive coordinator John Shoop, T.J. Yates and Deunta Williams.

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Opening comments:
"There were some areas obviously where we felt like we did some good things [against Miami]. I thought that Shaun Draughn and Johnny White did a nice job running the football. You would have liked to have been in the game to be able to capitalize that a little more a little earlier in the ball game, I thought that they did a very nice job.

"Coming out of the previous ball game we had some concerns about the kickers, how well they were kicking the football and their effectiveness, and then the coverage units. Going into the game [against Miami], that was legitimately one of the concerns that we had as a coaching staff with Travis Benjamin being back as a really good kick returner and punt returner. We thought that C.J. Feagles did a very nice job of punting the football and our coverage units were good. With kickoff cover, I think we tackled them inside the 20 once and inside the 25-yard-line a couple of times, so that was some improvement by our football team.

‘Defensively, some of the things that we did in the running game… We've got to play better against the run. We certainly allowed Miami to make it a two-pronged attack, and from a defensive perspective, in every game that you play, you want to turn it into a one-dimensional attack and we weren't able to do that. We missed some opportunities, obviously, early to score and that certainly had a significant impact on the way the game was played. But that game is over with and we've got to move on."

Can you update us on some of the injury situations?
"I'd like to, but I don't really have much of an update today."

On the first game without tight end Zack Pianalto:
"It's never easy to replace somebody that is a good football player. That's just the beginning point… I think Ryan Taylor and Ed Barham – you spread out the catches and Christian Wilson had one, Ryan had one and some guys had some, but certainly not to the same impact that Zack had done previously, but I think that's something that we can continue to work on."

How did Zack's surgery go last Friday?
"It was very successful. I think he had two pins put into his fibula."


Have you coached against your brother [and William & Mary defensive coordinator] Bob before?
"I've never coached against him, no."

Is it going to be tough for you to go against your brother?
"This isn't about me going against Bob. This is about Jon Cooper blocking Stover, their three-technique. This is about our fullback and tight end and line making this cook misfit from their middle linebacker spot. This is about Mookie [Erik Highsmith] and Dwight [Jones] beating Webb at the field corner. That's what this is about. I'm able to see that and I guarantee you Bob is able to see that. This ain't between me and him. This is between the players that we're coaching and that's how we're both approaching it."

Have you talked to your brother this week?
"No, we haven't talked in a while."

Will you talk before the game?
"Doubt it."

Yates downplayed the loss of Pianalto, but was that a factor in his play against Miami?
"We've got other guys that need to step up and I've got to do a better job helping these wideouts and some people separate from some of this coverage. I can do a better job helping to get some guys open. He's a pretty resilient guy. I think we're a pretty resilient group and we're going to come back and try to put our best foot forward this weekend against William & Mary. I think Ryan [Taylor] and Ed [Barham] and Christian Wilson are going to keep getting better the more that they play, and I believe that T.J. and all of the coaches have confidence in those guys."


What did you see in film study on Sunday?
"We didn't really do the things early in the game that we needed to do to gain momentum throughout the game. A team like that is a team that you need to get up on early. They're notorious for if you get a big lead on them, they won't play as well coming from behind. That's how we've had success the past three years against them. We missed a lot of opportunities as far as being in the red zone, not getting a touchdown and then fumbling into the end zone. Early in the game, it should have been 17-6 at worst."

On his relationship with Mike Paulus:
"We usually talk once a week about each other's games. We've been really good friends for a long time, so we talk a lot. Talk will probably be down a little this week until after we play, but it's going to be weird seeing him on the other sideline."


Miami had a big day running the ball against UNC. Why did that happen?
"We had a meltdown on Saturday. The biggest thing that I think was a factor was that they could turnaround and hand the ball off any time they wanted to. We couldn't ever get ourselves adjusted to this one thing that they were doing, which was an unbalanced formation. We've just got to go and fix that. I think we did a good job sometimes in controlling the run and when we lined up right, we had it. But we've just got to man up and go play."

Was that unbalanced formation something you didn't see in film study last week?
"They did a great job of disguising it. I've got to give them credit for that. They were shifting guys and sometimes when you're not all together on the field, one guy has to say this, so everything else can trigger. And we weren't getting that sometimes. Guys were caught up in the moment out there a little bit."

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