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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Butch Davis discussed Kendric Burney, January enrollees and the likelihood of new commitments in the coming weeks during his radio program on Wednesday night.

On the loss to Miami:
"There were two major factors in that ball game. One is from an offensive perspective -- you never want to turn the football over. And we've talk about that openly and honestly all of the time. A lot of the games that we've won this year and a lot of the games that we've won in the previous two years, if you win the turnover ratio, you have an opportunity to win games. If you turn the ball over, you're really putting yourself [at a disadvantage], especially against good teams. You can turn the ball over two or three times against a team that is absolutely awful and it won't make any difference. The opportunity is to capitalize on field position and opportunities to score. We have been good in the red zone this year. When we had to settle for three points on a field goal and then unfortunately turned the ball over on the catch that was a fumble in the end zone...

"The game changes so dramatically. If you take a 14-3 lead or maybe a 17-3 lead or maybe a 21-3 lead, then how the other team has to play is dramatically changed, and how you play is changed. So the missed opportunities and the things we didn't capitalize on in the first 18-20 minutes of the ball game. And then certainly we didn't play the run as well as we would have liked to. There was some improvement in some of the special teams areas, but there were things that we didn't do well and that's our responsibility this week to try to fix that."

On Miami's fumble on the kickoff return:
"The difference in that particular play was that the referee on the field blew the play dead. And as soon as the official on the sidelines blows the play dead, it doesn't matter what happens, the play is over. Whether it's forward progress, whether his knee is down, whether there was a fumble or whatever, once they kill the play on the sidelines, it won't make any difference even if they did turn the football over. Then you have no opportunity. You can waste a challenge and waste a timeout, but all you're going to do is lose a timeout because they are going to come over to the sidelines and say the official blew it dead."

On recruiting a kicker:
"We are actively recruiting a young man right now that has got what we think is a dynamic leg. When you're watching film, they don't just have to kick into the end zone, they've got to kick it out of the end zone, two or three yards out of the back of the end zone. And then you know it's going to go two or three yards deep in the end zone in college [high schools kick off at the 40-yard-line]. But it's also the hang time. Kids that line drive it can kick it two or three yards deep, but it's only in the air 3.4 seconds and it's coming down faster than your guys can run down the field. So it's a combination of things, but we're in the process of recruiting a young man that we think has a dynamic, explosive leg. He's a good student. The timing would be good to recruit a guy to bring in. He's even talked about maybe coming at mid-term next semester because he knows Casey Barth is going to be the guy for next season. So we're actively looking across the country for guys that can help us in the kicking game."

On Jhay Boyd being shut down lately:
"Part of it is that other guys have got to have success. People recognize that Dwight Jones has had a very, very good year. He's really played well. He's stepped up and made plays. He's scoring touchdowns. You've got to get more productivity out of all of your receivers to take the pressure off of one particular guy. I think coaches are pretty smart guys, present company excluded. But most of them look at the film. Zack Pianalto was our leading receiver and a lot of that was that they were focusing a lot on our wide receivers and not focusing as much on Johnny White and Shaun Draughn in plays out of the backfield, Ryan Taylor, Zack Pianalto and Ed Barham catching balls from the tight end position. Those guys are catching balls and if they start having success and start hurting people, it will open some of those outside guys up even more."

On Kendric Burney's return:
"It's good. It's good for the football team. It's good for Kendric Burney. He's a good kid. It has been torturous for him to go out to practice every single day for the last seven ball games and to have to watch everybody and not be able to go out there. This is a kid that's been a four-year starter for this football program. He's three hours away from graduating and he wants so desperately to join his teammates and help, so it's good to get him back."

On Allen Mogridge and how he's done in his new role as recruiting coordinator:
"He's done outstanding... You can't find anybody that's got more passion about North Carolina and the Tar Heels. He loves UNC. His roots are deep. He lived here, he played here and he graduated from here. He's got such a charismatic personality that he's going to do an outstanding job. He's been working with the guys that are on the staff, Marcus Berry and the guys that work in player development, working on getting transcripts and getting film in.

"One thing is that we've probably got 15-16 solid commitments and we've probably got two or three that are going to announce here in the next two or three weeks. We've got a lot of official visits this weekend. I think we've got four players with their families coming in to visit this weekend... Allen's got his plate full, but he's doing an excellent job."

On January enrollees:
"I think we have nine opportunities to have players come at mid-term, and right now, we've got six of those slots filled with guys that have committed. They've already taken their official visits for games earlier this year. They're scheduled to enroll and they're going to be here."

'Butch Davis Live' airs Wednesday evenings on Tar Heel Sports Network affiliates.

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