Strength and Conditioning Awards

List of UNC football players who have acheived the Super Ram, Elite Ram, and Iron Ram status. Also, a list of the top five UNC players in terms of gains made since last testing period.

Super Rams

Jason Brown, C

Jacque Lewis, TB

Jeb Terry, OG

Tommy Davis, DE

Darian Durant, QB

Clay Roberson, LB (MVP)

Chase Page, DT

Xavier Rainey, DE

Skip Seagraves, OG

Jarwarski Pollock, WR

Willie Parker, TB

Madison Hedgecock, FB

Willie McNeill, OT

Jocques Dumas, DE

Chad Scott, TB

Donti Coats, DT

Linwood Williams, WR

Players who averaged 7 points out of 10 in all strength and conditioning tests (Elite Rams)

Cedrick Holt, CB

Derrick Johnson, CB

Ronnie McGill, TB

Brandon Russell, WR

Jacoby Watkins, CB

Dokun Olagoke, TB

Alden Blizzard, DE

Issac Mooring, DT

Chris Woods, OT

Greg Warren, DS

Players who averaged at least 6 points out of 10 in all strength and conditioning tests (Iron Rams).

Ronnie Bryant, FS

Mahlon Carey, SS

Michael Harris, SS

Chris Hawkins, CB

Derrele Mitchell, WR

Tommy Richardson, SS

Topher Roberts, PK

Michael Waddell, CB

Lance Williams, WR

Bobby Blizzard, TE

Rikki Cook, FB

Clarence Gaddy, LB

Jeff Longhany , LB

Jermicus Banks, DT

Tommy Davis, DE

Brian Rackley, DE

Kyle Ralph, OG

Jupiter Wilson, OG

The top five of Carolina football players who increased their weightlifting the most in three key lifts (bench press, squat, power clean). This list only includes players who have been in the program for more than one season. Strenght and Conditioning coach Jeff Connors puts the freshmen into a separate category. The top two freshmen were Alden Blizzard, DE, 343 pounds and Xavier Rainey, DE, 244 pounds.

1. Jacque Lewis, TB, 232 pounds

2. Drew Hunter, OT, 147 pounds

3. Clarence Gaddy, LB, 144 pounds

4. Clay Roberson, LB, 108 pounds

5. Brian Chacos, OT, 97 pounds

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