Huggins Has 'Excellent' UNC Visit

Accompanied by his parents, five-star tailback Savon Huggins officially visited North Carolina this past weekend.

"It was excellent," Wendell Huggins, Savon's father, said of the visit. "It was very warm. The coaches were on top of everything [and] they did what they felt that they needed to do to let us know [they want Savon]. It was an enjoyable weekend."

The group arrived at UNC on Saturday morning and departed Sunday night.

Sophomore offensive lineman Jonathan Cooper was Huggins' host for the weekend.

"They took [Savon] out and he met a lot of the players," his father said. "He actually gelled with quite a bit of the players, including several players from [New] Jersey. He spoke to them in reference to what's going on there and what they thought. He came away with a lot stronger feeling of the school when it was all said and done."

The elder Huggins particularly enjoyed going out to dinner with the coaches and their wives on Saturday night following UNC's 21-17 victory over William and Mary.

"As a family setting, that had a major impact on us," he said.

This past weekend's visit to UNC was Huggins's second official trip. The family visited Notre Dame the weekend prior.

"[The two schools] all have their good and they all have their bad parts," he said. "We're just looking to get all the positive things together and sit down and go through each one and see where he feels is the best fit for him."

Huggins has an official visit scheduled with Florida for the weekend of Dec. 10 and then Rutgers in January.

"There's supposed to be a fifth [official visit], but we're not sure when or where we're going to do that visit," Huggins said.

"More than likely," Huggins says his son will wait until National Signing Day to announce his collegiate destination.

"[The main factors include] the character of the coach - me as a father and my wife as a mother, are we going to be able to trust the coaching staff and the head coach with our child once we leave? - a coaching staff that's going to be there, [we want] him to get a great education and an opportunity to make it to the next level," Huggins said.

A major part of weekend was meeting with Butch Davis, discussing the ongoing NCAA investigation, Huggins noted.

"He explained as clearly as he could what's going on," he said. "He couldn't elaborate too much, until the NCAA comes back with what they have to say. He reassured us that it shouldn't be anything major and not to worry.

"For me to say that it's not going to factor in, I'd be lying. It will factor in. How strong it will factor in will depend on how we feel. You look at Seantrel Henderson. He committed to USC last year and then the sanctions came down and USC didn't believe they were going to be that bad."

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