Same Leader for Hughes

After visiting Virginia, Travis Hughes, a 6-foot-1, 220-pound linebacker from Kempsville High School (Virginia Beach, Va) is actually farther from a decision.

Five-star linebacker Travis Hughes recently narrowed his list to three: North Carolina, Virginia Tech and Maryland. After visiting Virginia (10/31), his list has now grown as well as his uncertainty.

"I can't even say I got a top three," Hughes said. "These top five colleges, that being, North Carolina, UVa, Virginia Tech, Clemson, and Maryland is throwing my mind for a spin right now."

"Because I went to UVa and loved UVa. All my trips I went on so far - I mean every last one of them - has been awesome."

"The whole atmosphere was really good there," he added about UVa. "I mean, just from the coaches, the people there, the players there, they are a big family type of deal there. And I feel that their program will be on the rise."

However, the dual-threat star says North Carolina still sits on top.

"I could say that they are right now my number one. Right now it's tight, but they've got the head right now.

"Right now North Carolina in my opinion has everything I am looking for. I mean, the distance is perfect; the fan support is there. Coach Butch Davis is doing a wonderful job with his program right now. I mean I hope they don't get hit with anything. I love the coach, Coach Kaufman. I love him. I feel like he will really teach me to get better - to the next level. Everything about UNC intrigues me. I mean everything."

Despite his satisfaction with North Carolina, Hughes is still hesitant to make a firm decision. He says he plans to announce his commitment in December after completing his unofficials and officials. He heads to Clemson next (11/27).

"I am really looking hard and trying to nitpick everything and see right now. I feel like right now I could go to any one of those colleges, and I would be good and happy at any one of the colleges. And I am lucky and blessed to be in that position."

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