UNC-VT: Postgame Interviews

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Butch Davis, T.J. Yates, Anthony Elzy, Kendric Burney and Da'Norris Searcy, who spoke to the media following UNC's loss to Virginia Tech on Saturday.

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Opening Statement:
"Not a great deal to say. Talking with the team in the locker room, obviously we didn't play well enough to win the football game.

"When you have opportunities against a good football team you need to capitalize on them. You can't drive the length of the field, have really good drives, and settle for three.

"The interception in the end zone, that can completely change some of the momentum. We missed a real good chance to score an additional 17 points at that particular time. But having said all of that, you still have to play well and you can't turn the ball over.

"I think our kids will bounce back. We'll work as hard as we can to put this behind us and get ready for the next game. "

On team goals from this point on:
"We are going to get prepared to play next week the very best we can, and we're not even worried about the second of those two games. That has kind of been our philosophy all season long. "

On Anthony Elzy not playing early in the third quarter:
"He got a little bit gassed. We would like to play at times three running backs if we can. Obviously some of that luxury is gone with Ryan Houston not being available and Shaun Draughn missed the entire week of practice."


On what went wrong:
"Things just started to pile up on top of each other. Besides the turnovers, we didn't do a very good job of converting when we had opportunities, we missed some shots downfield, and we didn't play good against a good football team."

On Anthony Elzy's play:
"In the absence of Johnny [White], I thought Elzy played tremendous. He did a good job running the ball and catching the ball out of the backfield."

Were they keying on Dwight Jones?
"Absolutely. They made it a point to come out and put a whole bunch of guys on top of him and take him out of the football game.

"The one time he did come open downfield, I completely missed him. He did a good job of getting open. I just overthrew him."


On taking advantage of opportunities:
"Coach [John] Shoop makes a statement every week about maximizing opportunities and minimizing giveaways, and that's just something we didn't do tonight. Something we've got to take better care of is taking care of the football. That's just point blank."

On his fumble:
"[I was] just going over the pile. Somebody had got their helmet on the ball and it was the right spot. The ball just came out."


On the discussion with Deunta Williams following the one touchdown:
"It was totally my fault. We were supposed to switch it off and I didn't switch it off. So that was totally my fault and that's all I was telling Deunta – that's my fault and I didn't communicate."

On returning to the field following the muffed punt:
"Adversity is going to hit you no matter what [during] little game, big game – it doesn't matter. You're going to have adversity during the game. That was just one thing that happened, but there was a lot during this game [where] adversity shot us. We've just got to do a better job of [dealing with adversity]."


What happened on the muffed punt:
"I slipped right by the ball. I didn't even touch it. But I thought I still had some time to get up and pick it up and try to make something happen. It was just bad timing and the [Virginia Tech player] just beat me to the ball [and] fell on it."

Was footing an issue on the field?
"Yea it was. And then I had some tape on the bottom of my shoe and that kind of caused a little problem. But other than that, I was good."

Was the game plan to keep Tyrod Taylor in the pocket and make him beat you with his arm?
"Yes, because we knew he's a slick one. He likes to scramble around. We also knew that if he does scramble around we still have to cover our man, because he's still looking to throw the ball downfield."

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