UNC-HU: Postgame Interviews

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico -- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes audio and quotes from head coach Roy Williams, Larry Drew, Harrison Barnes and Leslie McDonald, who spoke to the media following UNC's victory over Hofstra on Thursday.

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Opening comments:
"Basically, it's pretty easy – we started out making a bunch of shots. Harrison, four-for-four, the whole team eight-for-nine from three in the first half. It's hard to guard somebody if they're doing that kind of thing because it opens up so many things for people inside. I like the fact that we have six guys in double figures. Larry Drew and Kendall Marshall with 15 assists and three turnovers from the point guard spot. We had a lot of things to like. Justin Watts was six-for-six. Everyone who came in off the bench gave us something positive... It really boiled down to us making so many shots early."

On UNC's offensive output:
"We've scored a lot of points my entire career, because I like to go up and down with the basketball. Last year we didn't do that very well and we didn't make many shots. (Tonight we were) 12-for-17 from the three-point line. Last year we'd go for two or three games and not make 12 threes. Again, it was outrageous how well we shot it early. If we're going to score points we have to do a good job on the defensive end and get some points off of our defense, and I think we did that better in the second half. It's fun to score. I think guys enjoy playing that way, I enjoy coaching it, fans like to see it...Everything looks so much better when the ball goes in the basket."

On North Carolina's fan presence:
"We have a core group who are just sensational. And they follow us a lot of place, places where they can get tickets. And Puerto Rico is a pretty nice place to go also."


On the mindset of the team after the game:
"By no means are we satisfied or content with where we are right now or the way we played tonight. We always think we can play better. We've just got to keep growing from this."

On the win:
"It's definitely a good feeling. We've just got to keep building off it, because it's a long season and I think teams like us, once we see that we can do stuff like this, we probably might get a little content. That's what I feel probably happened last year. If we had a good game, we would be content with that and the next game we would come out sluggish, so we have to make an effort to just go out there and build off it and play even better than we played tonight."


On Hofstra focusing on him defensively:
"The defense had a lot of attention on me, so that opened it up for Dexter and Larry Drew to get open shots, Leslie to get open shots. And then it allowed our big guys to be able to get easy put backs, so I think it spread the floor a lot and allowed my teammates to create and score for themselves."

On the win:
"We got our first one tonight, but we can't get too high or too low out there. You have to keep it even keel because we've got a game tomorrow and then one on Sunday. It was a good start and we have to build off it."


On Larry Drew:
"Larry has really evolved from last year. He's calmer and slows down the game a little bit and he's able to attack and get into the lane. So he's really evolved from being a sophomore to a junior."

On spreading the wealth offensively:
"Harrison is a good player and he's going to lead our team, but we also need some other contributors, down in the post and other shooters, so we felt like the second string needed to come in and give it our all."


Opening comments:
"It certainly wasn't the outcome we were hoping for. We had a game plan going in. We wanted to limit their second-chance shots and we gave them 21 offensive rebounds. One of our goals was to make them beat us from the three, and unfortunately they shot the ball incredibly well; 12-for-17 from the three, tough to beat anyone when they do that. We're a work in progress. I've said that many times about our team. We've got some young guys who really lack experience, so we're going to continue to be better. The great thing is we have an opportunity to come out and play tomorrow."

On North Carolina:
"They have great team speed and so many guys who can score, so it's a very difficult team to defend, especially when they're rolling and making shots like they were tonight."

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