Roy Williams Radio Show Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Roy Williams said on his radio program Monday night? Here are some excerpts from the live call-in show hosted by Woody Durham ...

The team got back from Puerto Rico at 2 a.m. and so this has been a long day ...
"We graded the entire film today and it wasn't very pleasant to look at. We had practice ... and it ran over a bit. We had a good film session, we watched tape for about an hour and 15 minutes, stretched and went out on the court and went pretty hard."

On Reggie Bullock's status -
"We won't have Reggie Bullock tomorrow night and that's a shame. We talked as a staff this morning that we might even start him, but he's having problems again with his knee that he had surgery on in high school so we're going to hold him out tomorrow night and see what happens."

Speaking of the injury report, you've got your right wrist and thumb wrapped heavily ...
"In practice on Saturday, I'm on the court at the top of the key extended on the sideline and I'm yelling at someone to do something defensively and one of our walk-ons zipped a pass across the top and the guy had gone the other direction. I caught it out of the corner my eye and it hit the tip of my thumb - I think I'm going to be fine, they just were surprised at how swollen it was last night."

In the two losses in Puerto Rico, the team looked similar to last year's squad with the repeated mistakes. Does that start with the point guard position? Do you agree with that assessment?
"I agree with some of it. I thought we looked confused, too, but I don't think it's the same team. Six guys from last year's team, including four starters, (are gone). These are completely new guys. I don't think it has anything to do with last year. If you go back and look at 2006, everybody was worried to death when we went out to California and Southern Cal beat us to death. That team ended up to be a good team. Our best teams have always been when you have experienced returning talent... We've got a chance to be pretty good. I'm not pushing the panic button or saying the 'woe is me' crap. We've got to go to work, do the best we can and I think the team is going to get better."

On firming up the starting lineup and rotation -
"Every year we normally do get with a starting lineup and stick with that group for the year. Usually that's what I do and feel more comfortable with that. Last year because of the injuries we couldn't do it. We had no control over that. I want to do that right now. I in fact talked to the staff like I said about making a lineup change and putting Reggie in there, but we won't have him for the game. Right now I want to get to that. I went over some stats with the players today and said 'There's one way to go you in the game and there's one way to get out of the game - that's playing well.' We said 'You're making me feel good about this and you're making me feel horrible about this.' I'll give everyone an example, I said 'John, I look at your shooting percentage and I'm not comfortable with that. I look at your free throw percentage and I'm really not comfortable with that. I look at your rebounding and blocked shots and you're making me a lot more comfortable with that.' And I went down with every player like that."

On Larry Drew and Kendall Marshall -
"I haven't been pleased with the way Larry has been playing and yet last night he was the key player in the game that got our comeback going. It was the best defense he's ever played and it set the tone and got things going. I told him today, I said 'Hey, you've got to start playing better offensively, but if you at least play defense like that it gives me something to hang my hat on.' Kendall is a little bit of the opposite because he does some nice things getting it to people on the offensive end but he's not able to provide the pressure that Larry is on the defensive end."

Key scouting points about UNC-Asheville -
"First of all they are pretty doggone good - they beat Auburn at Auburn. They're a veteran team. You've got to do a good job against their two guards and a 6-10 center. They run a lot of UCLA stuff ... It's a two-man backcourt and you never know which one will bring it up the court and which one will run around screens. They've got a 6-4 guy named John Williams who has more blocked shots than anyone in their history - a 6-4 jumping jack. They are an experienced team and have been doing some good things."

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