Roy Williams asked about Doherty situation

Kansas head coach Roy Williams, who has been a rumored candidate for the North Carolina job again, fielded a question at his 3 p.m. Final Four press conference about the reported UNC vacancy.

(Paraphrased reporter question) Reports out of Chapel Hill are that Matt Doherty is in trouble and some reports today say he's been fired. What do you know about that?

"Just what you just told me then I got a call 10-15 minutes ago somebody said the same thing. That's all I know.

"There is one other thing I know - this is a very satisfying, exciting time for me and my players and the University of Kansas and our basketball program. I'm going to enjoy the hell out of this week and I'm not going to allow anybody bother me with any junk if it doesn't have anything to do with Kansas basketball, my players, great places to eat or rivers to spit in.

"I'm not messing with anything else. This is too exciting a time for me and our kids and our program. And that's the extent of my conversation about any other job, whether it's North Carolina or anybody."

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