Melvin Scott Q&A

5:00 P.M., CHAPEL HILL - Having learned that head coach Matt Doherty was no longer going to be his head coach, sophomore Melvin Scott answered questions from reporters.

Q – If (Doherty) has been fired, do you have a preference for a new coach?

Scott - Whatever is best for the university, that's what I hope for.

Q – Do you think he's been treated fairly, after the season you guys have had – 11 more wins than last year?

Scott – I don't know. We won eight my first year, and we got 19 this year. I mean, you do the math.

Q – What do you think about the thought out there that the move is being made because it's what the players want. Is that a true reflection of what has gone on?

Scott – I just want what's best for the university, whatever is best to get this program where it used to be.

Q – Do you think the players are qualified to determine what is best for the university?

Scott – No, not really. I think everybody, A.D., the entire program, everyone in the staff should determine what is best for the program.

Q – Are you worried about where this program is headed, or was?

Scott – I think we're headed for success, and hopefully we will. We made a big turnaround from my freshman year, so we're progressing. We had a down year but we're progressing.

Q – Has Doherty talked to you guys since the Georgetown game?

Scott – Yeah, he talked to us after the game, and he just wanted us to make the right decisions, and if we could, to support him. I think the guys said what they felt, and whatever was in their heart they said. And I think, if it's the best decision for this program the A.D. made it. If that's their decision then we have to live with it.

Q – Do you plan to try to see him (Doherty) before (he leaves)?

Scott – Yeah. Hopefully I get a chance to talk to the entire coaching staff and just thank them for all they did for me, being there. We had rough times, but that's life. Everyone has rough times, families have tough times. But, I would like to get a chance to talk to those guys to thank for the year we had and for being there for us as a coaching staff.

Q – So you haven't talked to anyone on the coaching staff since the night of the Georgetown game?

Scott – No I haven't.

Q – Do you think there will be any hard feelings from the coaching staff?

Scott – Nobody can take his side. I don't know I should take it. I feel like, ‘Man, they're gone.' We've been together for two years. I don't really know how I should take it. But, it's going to feel real different. It's like being with somebody like a brother and suddenly they are gone. It's a crazy feeling. I guess we just have to adapt.

Q – How much do you feel like the players had to do with coach being gone now?

Scott – I don't know. Personally. If he stayed, fine. He's gone, that's tough on the man, but this is something I have to do, to worry about my future. I care about the coaching staff, but I guess this is the best decision for the program. They made the decision.

Q – When was the last time you spoke to the athletic director?

Scott – The night after the Georgetown game.

Q – Did you get any indication then of what was to come?

Scott – No. It was out of my hands, definitely in the A.D.'s hands. That's the decision they made. I had nothing to do with that decision.

Q – How much basketball was discussed in the meetings as opposed to the other stuff?

Scott – We discussed things that went on, things that we went through, hoops, everything. That's what we were talking about. Having an environment that guys were happy to play. Some guys weren't, some guys were. Like I said, the A.D. made that decision. It's out of our hands. We can't fire a coach as players. We can't hire any coaches. It's up to the A.D. and those guys, the organization. We had a little input, but it's their decision.

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