Rose Returns to Action

GEORGETOWN, Ky. --- L.J. Rose returned to the court for the first time in months this week, after recovering from a stress fracture to his fifth metatarsal. The time on the sidelines has produced some rust for the Houston (Tex.) Second Baptist lead guard

On Friday, Rose scored just eight points on 2-for-13 shooting. A day later he scored 12 in a loss to Huntington Prep. Despite his poor shooting percentage, the 6-foot-3 point man still showed why he's such a coveted prospect.

Second Baptist coach Roger Kollmansberger cited passing as one of his best attributes.

"I think he's the best passer in high school basketball," Kollmansberger said. "I don't even think it's close to be honest with you.

"He makes our guys look real good," the Second Baptist coach added. "Not only can he pass to the open man, but he passes to the guys where they are comfortable making shots."

Rose said the key from here on out is getting back into basketball shape.

"I think it set me back more with my conditioning than anything else," he admitted. "I haven't played since July and that part has been hard for me."

While in town for the showcase, Rose visited Kentucky's campus. It was his first visit to Lexington. He had planned to visit for the midnight madness event, but went to Chapel Hill instead.

"I was planning on going to Kentucky's actually, but my dad said North Carolina was a once in a lifetime opportunity," Rose, whose father played for the Houston Rockets in the ‘80s, said. "So we decided to go out there."

"He said it was up to me, but he talked to Michael [Jordan] and he thought it was a good place for me to go to midnight madness," he added.

Rose said his visit to North Carolina was his first big trip. Roy Williams and the Heels set the bar for the rest of his trips.

"That was the first school I'd been to other than Texas," he said. "It opened my eyes a lot and it was nice out there. I hadn't seen a lot of campuses before so it pretty much set the stage for all of the other schools."

According to Rose, Carolina informed him that he's the top priority at the point guard position.

"They are just taking it like every other schools," he said. "They want me. They are starting to recruit other kids, because I guess they need a point guard in that class. I'm just taking my time."

Rose has followed their season and said he stays in contact with a few of their current players.

"I like them," Rose said of Carolina. "They are struggling a little bit right now and I think it's because they don't really have leadership, but they have a bunch of good guys on their team. I know John Henson, Kendall (Marshall) and Harrison (Barnes).

With schools from the Big 12 as well as LSU, Duke, Wake Forest, Illinois, Miami and Florida State after him, Rose has started to focus on recruiting more.

"I think it's passed the early stage," he said. I'm starting to think about it more and I'm starting to watch teams and watch certain things they do and picturing myself in their systems."

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