Williams: 'It's A Dream Come True'

Sylvester Williams made his decision on Wednesday to sign with North Carolina and enroll next month. The 6-foot-3, 320-pound defensive tackle from Coffeyville (Kan.) CC talked to InsideCarolina.com about his decision.

Why did you decide to attend North Carolina?

"That's where I feel like I have a brighter future, the opportunity to play [right away], go to the NFL, and receive the best degree."

What was the decision making process for you?

"I've kind of knew all along where I wanted to go. Some other schools had some great reasons to go to their school, also. Some stuff [was] pushing me [other schools'] way, too. I just went where I felt I would have the best career at."

Publicly, you never named a favorite. When did you begin leaning towards UNC?

"After the visit [I started leaning towards UNC]. I never publicly said it, because I still wanted to take the rest of my visits. After my visit [to UNC], I felt like I was at home, but I wanted to see everywhere else, too, to make sure I wasn't making the wrong decision."

What role did your official visits play in your decision?

"Some of the stuff that I saw at North Carolina, I didn't see at other places. [UNC] gave me an opportunity to play around great players. North Carolina had so many great players on the defensive side of the ball, to be able to play with those guys is a dream come true."

When did you inform the UNC coaches of your decision?

"Earlier today I called [Art] Kaufman."

What did Kaufman say when you gave him the news?

"He said he felt like I made the right decision and I'll have a bright career. At North Carolina, I'll have the opportunity to play right away and eventually in the NFL."

Have you actually signed and faxed in your Letter of Intent?

"No, I haven't signed with them, yet. When I get a chance, I'll do that. I'm working on stuff with my father(‘s health) right now, which has caused a delay."

When will you actually enroll at UNC?

"I'll report on Jan. 8."

Have you made it through UNC's admissions?

"Yes, I've graduated from Coffeyville and everything is set with that."

When did you have your in-home visit with Butch Davis and what did he say?

"Davis and Kaufman came down the 8th [of December]. They talked about what type of family I would have at North Carolina. They told me they would look after me."

You've taken such an interesting path – didn't play football until the senior year of high school, worked in a factory after graduation, earned a spot on Coffeyville's football team, and then earned a scholarship with your play. Looking back, how does it feel?

"It feels great. Honestly, it's a dream come true for me. I never in a million years thought I'll be in the position I'm in right now. I was offered by some big time schools and some schools that I feel are top of the line.

"Butch Davis himself coached a lot of great players in the NFL. To be playing for a head coach like that is a blessing. I could have stayed and worked in a factory and be making my living that way."

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