Visit Confirms Snyder's Decision

A few days after verbally committing to the Tar Heels, Miller Snyder took his official visit to North Carolina.

"[The visit] basically confirmed my suspicion that I should be at Carolina," the kicker from Charlotte (N.C.) Myers Park said. "Everything was amazing.

"The thing that impressed me the most was all the players – how down-to-earth and how much they were all straight shooters. They were just real fun to be around. I was introduced to pretty much everyone and consistently they were all great guys. The coaches are awesome as well, but with the players, I didn't expect college players to be quite that nice. Those are the guys that I'm going to be spending the next four years with, so I'm happy about that."

Those sentiments started with Snyder's player host for the weekend – Casey Barth, also a kicker. Barth's college career began similarly to the path UNC is offering Snyder – a preferred walk-on position the fall semester but a guaranteed scholarship spot the following spring.

"Anyone in the same position [as Barth], there might have been nerves clashing, just because I might be competing with him for the starting job," Snyder said. "But that didn't show at all.

"I asked [Barth] about a thousand questions and he answered every single one of them. I'm excited to be around him for the next year until he graduates. I think there's a lot I can learn from him, because he is a solid kicker. I'm looking forward to him taking me under his wing."

It was with Barth where the highlight of Snyder's visit occurred.

"I went out Saturday night with the guys," Snyder said. "When Casey was driving me back to the Carolina Inn, which is where I stayed, we were freestyle rapping in Casey's car with Ethan Farmer. Ethan Farmer is a handful."

Snyder arrived on campus on Friday evening and departed on Sunday afternoon. Both his parents joined him during the visit.

"[My parents] were really impressed," Snyder said. "My dad, he's a [NC] State grad and he really enjoyed Coach [Butch] Davis. Coach Davis actually came out to dinner with us both nights and spent most of the time speaking with my dad."

Snyder previously visited UNC for a camp and the Virginia Tech football game.

"At the camp and the football game, I was able to meet with the coaches and see a little bit of the facilities," Snyder said. "But on the official visit, I really got to know the guys, I got a complete tour of the facilities, and I also met with the admissions department and a bunch of other coaches like the strength and conditioning guy. I guess I got a more extensive view of everything."

Snyder also met with Allen Mogridge, his primary recruiter.

"With Coach ‘Mo,' I talk to him almost every other day," Snyder said. "So there really wasn't much else to say [during the official visits]. If I hadn't committed already, we would have sat down and said ‘Here's where we're at with everything.' When I was in the meeting with Coach ‘Mo,' he showed me some film and what would take place usually after practice when I come up to his office or in a special teams meeting."

Right before leaving campus, Snyder and his parents meet with Davis for roughly an hour.

"He basically told my parents and I his philosophy – the reason why he does things and the method behind his madness," Snyder said. "… He really sold my parents and myself. He's the kind of guy I want to kick for, for the next four years."

Both Mogridge and Davis also discussed Snyder not being guaranteed a scholarship until the spring ‘12 semester.

"From what I've heard from the coaches, people are in my situation all the time and they come away with offers," Snyder said. "They really think that I'll get something. But if it works out that I don't get an offer [for the fall semester], I'm ok with that, because I'll get mine in the spring."

With everything recruiting-wise now behind him, Snyder's focus is playing in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl.

"I'm really getting excited," Snyder said. "I've been picked as a punter. For lack of a better term, that's not really my native position. So it's going to be a challenge. Even when it's been miserable outside, I've had to go out and work on it. I'm feeling real good about what's going to happen. I'm getting more confidence. I'm just counting down the days until I get down to Texas and get to show everyone what I'm able to do."

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