UNC-UT: Postgame Interviews

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes quotes, audio and video from head coach Butch Davis, T.J Yates, Shaun Draughn, Casey Barth, Quan Sturdivant, Quinton Coples and Tennessee head coach Derek Dooley, who spoke to the media following UNC's victory over the Volunteers on Thursday.

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Opening comments:
"I've been involved in coaching for 37 years and when you stand on the sidelines you get an opportunity to see an awful lot of bizarre things happen in a coaching career. This is going to have to be one of those games that I think ESPN Classic will be showing 100 years from now. The one thing that I will say is that tonight kind of typified this football team -- its resiliency, its heart, its character, kind of a never give up, never surrender, (and) play all 60 minutes [mentality].

"Obviously, some things happened at the end that gave us a chance. T.J. (Yates) made a great throw to Todd (Harrelson) at end of the game. We were the beneficiary of a late hit, spear to the head that gave us a chance to move the ball down. Obviously, Shaun (Draughn) had a great night tonight. It was great to see him back healthy, 100 percent being able to run. We missed him all year long but he sure came through tonight like a complete champion.

"I am very proud of our football team. I am proud of what they have done in 2010. These guys, 10 days before the start of the season before we went to Georgia to play against LSU, this group of guys developed a bond and a brotherhood that said they were going to play this season out and make the most of it. And they made everybody in North Carolina and everybody at the University of North Carolina proud tonight with the way that they played."

On his intent in the final seconds of regulation:
"They had been running some three-man line and dropping eight into coverage, we thought that we could pop a run, pick up another six or seven yards and give Casey an easier opportunity. The plan was to get back on the ball, figure with 16 seconds, the run is probably going to take eight or nine, we'll get to the ball and we'll clock it with four, five, six seconds [left].

"I will take responsibility for the sidelines. T.J. executed, Shaun did, the offensive players on the field did exactly what they were told to do a couple of plays before. But, the eagerness and the uncertainty of where we were going to clock it, we didn't communicate to the rest of the guys. We have a term that is called 'lightning field goal.' That means we got to get out on the field. There is no way to stop the clock and the eagerness of people, and that is totally on me as a head football coach."

On if the 10-second rule should apply in college ball:
"Our game isn't the NFL. There are a lot of rules that are totally different between the NFL and between college football."

On the last few seconds of regulation:
"When came off the field the last time (next to last possession) when the last drive stalled you know a lot of guys didn't realize that we were going to have another chance, myself being one of them. I was off the field thinking the game was over, but we had two timeouts and our defense did a good job of getting us the ball back, giving us a shot.

"Todd (Harrelson) came up with an amazing catch. It's one of those things you got to kind of throw it up to a spot and hope he is going to be there. He went up and made an amazing catch and we got lucky with the penalty. Then Casey, Trevor (Stuart) and Trase Jones came and put that ball through for the field goal."

On his thoughts after Draughn was tackled in final seconds:
"We were trying to go up and spike the ball. We knew we had enough time left to run a play and get a few extra yards and spike the ball. It was second down at the time. So, we were just trying to go run up and spike the ball as quick and fast as possible. Something went haywire and people started running on the field, but I thought I would just give it a shot and just spike it anyway to see what happens. Luckily, we got a second left."

On what he thought when the official said initially game was over:
"Just to be on the sidelines and seeing (everyone) going crazy, the crowd was going crazy. The way it ended, I could see there was a lot of bad emotions between the teams."

On playing in the hostile environment:
"We are definitely used to playing in hostile environments. We try to handle that in practice. We got crowd noise, as we call it, playing through the speakers. Then we practice making signals, getting calls, getting the calls in to T.J. I think T.J. did a great job of getting the calls in and communicating with O-linemen and the receivers."


On the emotional punch when Deunta Williams got hurt:
"We've dealt with adversity throughout the year, so him being hurt was hurtful for us and it took some emotion out of us, but I took it upon myself to get the team ready and make them understand that he would want us to win the game, so that's what we had to do."

On Tennessee fans throwing bottles at the end of the game:
"It wasn't scary. We've never experienced like that; I've never experienced anything like that in my life, but I just feed off it. It motivated me in overtime and we took care of business."


Do you guys deserve this win?
"Yes. After all of the things we've been through, I think we definitely deserve this."

Is this game a fitting end to this season?
"I think so. I've never been a part of a crazy game like that. It was a crazy game, and definitely a fun game to play in. I'm glad we got the win."


Opening comments:
"I thought I had seen it all in Baton Rouge, but just when you think you've seen it all, you haven't. I want to start by saying how proud I am of our football team for the effort that they gave. That's a great football team. It was a hard fought game, it was a tough game. They have a phenomenal defense, and we struggled a little bit at getting any consistency moving the ball.

"There were a lot of opportunities to win the game before the end there. Any time the result doesn't go your way, the first thing you should do is say, 'What could we have done differently to change the outcome?' There were a lot of things there, especially down the stretch."

On the penalty that set up the game-tying kick:
"That's why they have a 10-second runoff rule in the NFL. We don't have it in college, and we probably should get it. It was chaos again. They ran a bunch of guys out on the field, and nobody stopped to allow a substitution. They snapped the ball and got a penalty.

"That allowed them to substitute their field goal unit and kick it. So, I don't know what else to say, other than I'm proud of the team for the effort.

"We had a lot of chances prior to that. We kicked the ball low on the extra point, which kept it a three-point game. They hit a seam shot, and we picked up a penalty, and next thing you know, they're in field goal range.

"There will be a lot of things brought up for discussion in the offseason about game management, end of the game management and end of the game rules. I hope there will be."

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