Canevari Awaits Word

Paul Canevari was updated on the status of a possible UNC scholarship offer during his official visit to North Carolina over the weekend.

He's going to have go wait a little longer.

"I find out this Friday what they're going to do with offering me," Canevari said. "They're interested in me [and] they really like me as a player, but they were saying they have to wait until next Friday to figure out [what's going on with] their other offers. They have a lot of offers out there.

"What's working against me is they didn't hear of me until my last high school game. I'm kind of like a late bloomer for them."

Heading into the official visit, Canevari, a 5-foot-10, 211-pound running back from Ramsay (N.J.) Don Bosco Prep, was favoring UNC. Although disappointed, those feelings haven't changed.

"I really liked the campus and everything," Canevari said. "I got a real good feel for it [during the official visit].

"I was down a little bit, because I thought I was going to get an offer right there. I was bummed out a little bit."

Akron is the only school to offer Canevari a scholarship, thus far.

While waiting on UNC's verdict, Canevari will be working on finalizing the rest of his official visit schedule. No trips have been scheduled yet and Akron is the only definite destination.

Canevari's parents and older brother accompanied him on his official visit to UNC.

"We drove down, because there was so many of us," Canevari said. "It was a heck of a ride."

Canevari had two player hosts during his stay. Walk-on Sam Ellis was his host Friday night and then fellow running back Hunter Furr handled hosting duties the rest of the way.

"We discussed how things are and what it's like," Canevari said. "They talked about how intense the training was. They said there's so much help around the campus. You meet everybody, because you see everybody every single day – the trainers, the coaches, the academic [support stuff]."

On Saturday, Canevari watched film with Ken Browning, UNC's running backs coach.

"He was saying how I like to hit and go down hill – north and south – but at the same time I can go around [a defender]," Canevari said. "He asked me about what we ran and we went over different plays at Don Bosco. I told him we do a lot of power, inside zone, [and] outside zone. And then we watched a lot of clips of them running inside zone, power, and how they run it differently."

Canevari's stay also included a complete tour of the campus.

"We stopped all over," Canevari said. "We saw the basketball [museum]. We saw all the football facilities. We saw how they're fixing up the stadium."

Before making the trek home on Sunday, Canevari met with Butch Davis. It was there that he was briefed on the status of a possible UNC scholarship offer.

"He was like ‘I'm going to be honest with you. We just don't know if we can offer you right now,'" Canevari said.

The possibility of walking on at UNC wasn't brought up during any conversation Canevari had with the coaching staff.

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