Tabb: 'It's A Good Fit'

EATONTOWN, N.J. – After delaying his announcement because of a mid-week snowstorm, Red Bank (N.J.) Catholic tight end Jack Tabb announced Friday he was committing to North Carolina.

Flanked by his mother, Julie, and in front of a room full of friends and teammates at the Courtyard by Marriott, Tabb stood behind a desk and thanked everyone for coming.

Then, while reaching into a cubby on the left side of the desk, Tabb announced "Next year I'll be attending the University of North Carolina," while pulling out a Tar Heels hat and putting it on.

Tabb then spent time speaking with about his commitment.

How did you come to this decision?
"Over the last couple of weeks I went through the pros and cons of each school, and some coaching changes made it a little bit easier for me to make a decision. I just went with my gut and the most comfortable spot."

Why are you most comfortable at UNC?
"I'm really comfortable there because I have a great relationship with the coaches, it has a broadcast program that I want for my future needs. It's a good fit for me."

How did coach Butch Davis say you would fit into the system?
"I can be used in a lot of different ways. I'm a very versatile player. I'll be moved around; outside, inside, all around the ball, and any way to get the ball. Having the opportunity to move around and be in different spots, I like that.

"He said they would split me out, (H-back), all of it. When I come in, I'll probably come in around 225 (pounds) or so, and I'll be able to do everything. I'm about 235, 240 now."

Does it help that your mother will be moving to Maryland and will be closer?
"It helps. I like her to be a little bit closer, and this will allow her to come to every game."

You went from no offers in the spring to dozens. What was the process like?
"It was hectic. There were a lot of schools in it and there were a lot of really good ones. It can get confusing at times, so you have to keep calm about it."

What did you do to keep your sanity during the recruiting process?
"I just really talked to my mom. She's a great support system. When all these offers started rolling in, I really didn't know what to do, but it just kind of fell on me. I just took it all in, talked to my mom about it and made some visits. That's how I did it."

What were your impressions about the North Carolina campus?
"Oh, it's beautiful. Chapel Hill is one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. The stadium is nice. They're putting up a brand new side to it, and everything is going to be ready for the next season. Everything is right there and ready for me to walk right into."

Early in the process it looked like Florida and Arkansas led, so what changed?
"At one point I really did have those schools leading. I lost interest in Florida because they wanted me to play defense, and I really felt like my passion was on offense. Arkansas …my mom is from Arkansas. I really liked Arkansas a lot. It was really tough to say no to them, but I felt like North Carolina was a better fit overall."

Are your academics all set?
"Yeah, that's not a problem."

What do you do between now and reporting to UNC?
"I believe I will be going there in June. That is what everyone has been telling me. I'm definitely going to keep training. I work real hard. I want to get my body fat down to about 10 percent and be about 225 going in and be a lean, mean catchin' machine."

How are you at blocking?
"Right now I'm pretty good at standing up blocking, but my down blocking needs some work, especially on the second level I'm a very good blocker."

What needs improving?
"I think everything needs improving going to the next level. It is something I'm excited about and I can't wait for it."

Additional Quotes
as told to Matt Alkire

"I'm totally comfortable there and have been since my first visit since the spring. They have one of the top Broadcast Journalism Schools in the entire country which is what I want to pursue in college as well, so the education side of things was set for me.

"My relationship with the coaches played a big part in it as well and it was nice being recruited by my position coach. Coach (Butch) Davis was also a really good guy and helped out a lot and I think I'll look pretty sweet in those uniforms. I just felt they were honest with me the entire time, they were very open about the entire NCAA investigation and then they showed me how my future would go if my work ethic there was how it should be which painted the type of picture I wanted to see. "My official visit kind of sealed the deal for me. It was very hard between them and Michigan, but with the coaching situation up there in Ann Arbor it just made my decision that much easier in the end to be honest with you."

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