Terry committed to UNC regardless

A coaching change is in progress in Chapel Hill, and while Reyshawn Terry isn't happy with the removal of Matt Doherty, he's going to be a Tar Heel no matter what.

"He remains committed no matter who the coach is," said Andre Gould, Terry's asst. coach at Reynolds HS and AAU head coach with the Kappa Magic.

"He and I both have a tremendous respect for Matt Doherty and his staff and we hated to see him go," Gould continued. "Especially, the way he went out."

But Terry's focus is not just on the new coach, he's also hard at work preparing for the rigors of the ACC.

"He called me the other day and told me that he weighed himself and he was up to 219 pounds," Gould said. "He's put on a lot of muscle. He really looks good. He's going to work on his body -- lifting weights, conditioning himself. He's got to get ready for that next level."

Terry might play some summer 19-under AAU ball with the NC Gaters or the Durham team.

He plans to enroll in the summer session at UNC and get a head start on his academics in Chapel Hill as well as hanging with the players and getting used to the college life.

And no matter who the new coach is, Terry still loves UNC and his future teammates.

"He loves those guys," Gould said. He really loves all of them. Jawad, Raymond, Sean, David -- all of them."

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