2012 Intro: J.J. Patterson

ROANOKE RAPIDS, N.C. --- Don't make assumptions about J.J. Patterson's abilities off of his current scholarship offer list.

"Let me assure you: he's big time," Roanoke Rapids head coach Russell Weinstein said. "He's getting interest from all over the country and I've only sent film to schools that he's asked me to send film to. I have not done a mass mailing of films on J.J. He had a select few that he's asked me to send film to, they've gotten film, and everybody that has gotten film has offered.

"I just think he has got some things in his mind in terms of what he's looking for in a school. I don't think he's a kid that's going to fly all over the country to just check out schools."

East Carolina, North Carolina, and NC State have made it clear that Patterson, a 6-foot-4, 310-pound lineman, has an offer from them.

Patterson has his favorite schools narrowed down even further than the select few that received his film.

"It's between [North] Carolina and [NC] State," Patterson said. "It's probably like 51-percent Carolina, and 49-[percent] State.

"Those are the two schools that I have been exposed to the most. Carolina is the school that I grew up following."

Ironically, Patterson "started out" as a Duke fan. However, in the fifth grade he switched his allegiance to the lighter shade of blue.

"My dad is a Duke fan," Patterson said. "I've always wanted to be the outcast. [I switched to UNC] to go against my dad. Everybody in the house was on Duke's side – it was no fun. Then, I stuck with [UNC]. My sister and my mom, they're Carolina [fans] now. But my dad is still for Duke."

Besides his fandom, UNC offers the opportunity for Patterson to potentially play on the defensive line with former teammate Kareem Martin.

"That would be great [to reunite with Martin]," Patterson said. "Who could ask for more to play with somebody that you've known since you were a freshman?

"Also, I would know somebody there already and I'm pretty sure the people around here would love it."

Patterson isn't exactly sure when he'll make a verbal commitment.

"I feel like I do want to make my decision early, but I also want to be exposed to other schools," Patterson said. "So I want to see other schools like Virginia Tech."

Patterson has only visited Duke, UNC, and NC State. He plans to return to UNC on March 5 for the basketball game against Duke.

Patterson's biggest asset is his strength. His possesses a 445-pound bench max.

"He is extremely strong for a high school kid," Weinstein said. "His numbers are off the charts. Whenever he goes to a combine or a weightlifting competition, he blows the competition away. His upper body strength is phenomenal for a high school junior."

Regardless, Patterson isn't just a strong kid playing football.

"His movements are athletic and he can be very powerful at the point-of-attack," Weinstein said. "At 310 pounds, he runs about a 5.0 forty."

Patterson has started at offensive tackle and defensive tackle for Roanoke Rapids the past two seasons. He ended his junior season with 62 tackles, one sack, a forced fumble, and two blocked kicks.

"He's played everywhere on the interior of the [defensive] line, but he's gotten his movements so good now that I'm considering moving him out to a defensive end position," Weinstein said.

Patterson is primarily being recruited as a defensive tackle. But he has received some looks at offensive guard, particularly by NC State.

"He could be an outstanding college offensive guard," Weinstein said. "He's probably not quite tall enough for the [offensive] tackle position for the big schools… He moves well and doesn't mind contact. He'd be a great trapper or down blocker."

Weinstein agrees with the consensus and feels Patterson projects best at defensive tackle on the collegiate level.

"His movements are good enough to play defense and be a two-gap player, but yet get into pursuit," Weinstein said.

Patterson said he doesn't have a position preference.

Video provided by Jason Pughe of AthleteVault.com.

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