Friday PC Interviews

Inside Carolina's Friday press conference coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Roy Williams and John Henson, who spoke to the media as the Tar Heels welcome Boston College to town on Saturday afternoon.

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On John Henson's potential as a shot blocker:
"Length to start with. He enjoys doing it, so he works at it. He concentrates on it, and he also has really good timing. He has so much length that he can get away from you a little bit, and still blocks the shot. I think that he's willing to bid on a lot of the shots. Some guys don't really bid on them, but he's willing to try to do it. I think that in each and every game, each and every practice that's a skill that you really get better at, you learn more about it, and what kind of moves you can get to and what kind you cannot."

You said Tuesday he gambled a few too many times, and let Ty Walker get a few follow jams. How encouraging is it that he has that understanding?
"We talked about it a lot. We talked about it at the timeout. He understood it, and we showed a couple of them on the clips, so he can see them too, but that is something we have talked about a little bit in the past. John hasn't done a lot of that. We gave up three follow dunks of more than one guy going after a block shot, and that's not very smart. There's usually only one guy that's going to get it, and other people should box out."

On Henson developing post moves:
"People said he's not nearly as good as he's supposed to be, but it's like I said last year John Henson and Dexter Strickland were both trying to play a position that they've never played before. That takes a while to get used to that. Because of all the injuries, and John's willingness to go back in the lane area a little more, you're really talking about you pick a number eight or nine games last year is all he had at the college level playing in the post, so it has been a short time period in the college game even though it's been two years, because so much of that time was spent trying to be a three man. Offensively I think he's getting better and better."

On the team's shot selection:
"We took two shots that I didn't really like the entire game. We've got good shooters shooting the ball. A couple of times Wake really did a nice job of closing and challenging it more than the guy thought it was going to be challenged, but we had some really good looks that just didn't go in and you just got to shake your head and keep trying to get really good looks."

Are Henson and Zeller being assertive enough?
"No, against the zone the other night I didn't think they did what we want to do in being as aggressive in getting to the ball. There's some openings in there. You can't just sort of stand beside some guy. You've got to aggressively demand the basketball. Sometimes when you do that they throw it to you. We like that part, so we talked to them a little bit more about sharper cuts and coming to the ball more aggressively."

On Marshall's basketball IQ:
"He sees things differently, and he thinks about things. I don't think we'll have a problem with him shooting too many bad shots. He understands the time to score better than most people. He understands who's hot, and who's not. He understands who's in foul trouble on the other team. He's a thinking man, point guard with a lot of ability too."

On Strickland's time at point guard:
"Before the last game he was only playing three or four minutes. I wanted to get him more minutes in the last game. I think we got him about 10 minutes at the point guard spot. We need that. He had three assists, zero turnovers. We need him to think like a point guard a little bit more. He did a nice job of defending, a nice job of pushing the ball."

On BC's Reggie Jackson:
"He was really good against Maryland. We caught him at a good time when we played them up there. He's really playing well, and for the most part except for that two game stretch in there he's been in my opinion one of the best five players in the league."

On if there's an advantage from beating BC last game:
"If somebody beats me, I'm more determined. If I beat you, I'm going to say I'm going to beat your butt again."


On his improving shot-blocking:
"I think it's just natural progression just playing in this league, and playing Division One Basketball you get better as time goes by. I think that's what's happened."

On Coach Williams wanting he and Zeller helping outside shooters:
"Specifically he's talking about zones, and running in there and calling for the ball and being more assertive, asking for the ball. That's something we've got to do especially with our secondary break, running down there and demanding the ball. That's going to open up things for everybody else. That's what he wants us to start doing more."

Who has the psychological advantage going into the BC game?
"I think we do, because you always have a psychological advantage when you beat a team. But we can't get too comfortable, because I think we played real well up there, and they didn't play their best. I think they're going to be hungry to come in here and play hard against us. We got to be ready to come in there, and hold our home court. In the ACC coach always says that you have to win home games to be a contender, and that's what we want to do."

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