2012 Intro: Mike Keck

HOPE MILLS, N.C. --- Inside Carolina profiles junior Mike Keck, a 6-foot-3, 213-pound defensive end from Gray's Creek High School.

Scouting Report

"One thing that makes Keck a good football player is because he's strong," Gray's Creek head football coach David Lovette said. "He deadlifts over 500 pounds, [power] cleans over 300, [and] bench presses over 300… He is probably the hardest working kid in our weight room… It doesn't matter if he has weight lifting class that day or not, he's in the weight room before school…

"Generally, he's regularly going up against kids bigger than him [at defensive end]. He does a good job of controlling the offensive linemen that are bigger than him because of his strength and uses his athleticism very well."

Prep Career

Midway through his freshman season, Keck became a starter at defensive end for Gray's Creek. He didn't fully grasp the position, though, until his sophomore season.

"My fundamentals and my hand work got a whole lot more improved [my sophomore season]," Keck said.

Keck ended his sophomore season with 81 tackles and ten sacks. He followed that up with 97 tackles, 11 sacks, an interception, and four forced fumbles as a junior and was named the Cape Fear Valley Conference's Defensive Player of the Year.

"In the summer time we use him a lot at tight end during seven-on-seven [events], because he's our best catcher," Lovette said. "We use him at defensive end [exclusively during the season], because our best athletes play defense. We have a couple offensive plays special for him, but we've never ran them in a game – maybe we should have."


Virginia Tech has expressed the most interest in Keck, but he's also receiving mail from Georgia Tech, North Carolina, NC State, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

Due to its interest level, Keck is leaning towards Virginia Tech at this early stage of his recruitment.

"I like the coaches there and the atmosphere at the games is intense," Keck said.

Besides Virginia Tech, Keck has attended football games at Georgia Tech and NC State.

Last summer, Keck camped at NC State, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

Extra Notes

Keck grew up a Tennessee fan, because his father is a native of the Volunteer State… Keck also participates in the shot put on Gray's Creek's track and field team… While representing Gray's Creek in Fitness Field Day, a Cumberland County event, Keck placed second in the half mile run.

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