Tokoto Visits, Sets Timetable

J.P. Tokoto and his family departed Chapel Hill late Monday with a better grasp of what North Carolina offers and with a shortened timeline in place for a college decision.

While at North Carolina, Tokoto, who was accompanied by both of his parents, took in UNC's game against Boston College, took the full tour of the campus and met with Roy Williams.

The 6-6 small forward from Menomonee Falls (Wisc.) High has now been on UNC's campus five times, but according to his father – Trevor Trimble -- the return trip to UNC was to see the campus while school was in session.

"Our main reason was because we had never been there while school was in session," Trimble said. "J.P. was able to go to various schools while they were in session, but he never got the opportunity at Carolina."

"What we wanted to build from an influential standpoint, was you want to see it in full mode. We've been to Wisconsin in full mode and Marquette. We've been to Kentucky in full mode. This was just one school that we haven't seen in full mode."

Getting to know the academic advisors was a major factor and the Tokoto's were able to understand the ins and outs of how things are done from an academic standpoint at North Carolina.

"We were able to sit down with the academic advisor," he said. "We were interested in the process with the team and we've been asking a lot of the same questions like if the academic advisors travel with the team. It was great to just talk with her and get a feel for their process and how they got about supporting these guys."

During the trip the Tokoto family spent a considerable amount of time with Roy Williams. During their meeting, Williams made it clear that Tokoto, who received a scholarship offer on June 15th last year, was a top priority.

"Coach is great," Trimble said. "Coach has continued to express his sincere views on J.P. and how much he would love for him to attend the university. That was nice to hear Coach's sincerity.

"It's always nice, from any of these universities, when the coaches take time to give you that sincere feeling," he added. "Coach definitely made that clear once again, which he has always done. He's been very consistent in doing that with J.P."

Following the game on Saturday the family chatted with someone that went through the process last year – Shirley Barnes.

"It was great," Trimble said. "Me and mom admire her with Harrison as a young man. Even in high school with how he was able to handle things and I know he played an instrument, so just the overall package - who wouldn't get excited over a kid like Harrison. She's an awesome lady."

With the visit to UNC complete, the plan is for Tokoto to visit Maryland on Wednesday and then Wisconsin next week. Following those trips, Tokoto will look at moving toward a decision.

"Our original plan was to do (a decision) in the spring and sometime in late May," Trimble said. "But we are going to visit Maryland this week and then we are going to go back to Wisconsin again. Our goal, and I think it's in the best interest of J.P., is to have this thing wrapped up in the next 30 days."

Tokoto is averaging just over 20 points per contest for Menomonee Falls and, according to his father, he won't be doing any interviews until after his junior season concludes.

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