Koenig Talks UNC Visit, Offer

Bronson Koenig made his first trip to Chapel Hill over the weekend and, amid a two-day Tar Heel experience, the La Crosse (Wisc.) Aquinas guard landed UNC's first scholarship offer for the class of 2013.

What all did you get to do on your visit?
"When we first got there I got to eat lunch with Coach [Steve] Robinson. We got there late and they were starting practice. I watched practice and then I got to shoot around with some of the players. I played one-on-one with Harrison [Barnes], Reggie [Bullock] and Justin [Watts]. Then I showered up and had dinner with all the coaches. Then me and my mom and Coach Williams talked for a while and that's when he offered me. Then I went back to my hotel.

"The next day we pretty much took a campus tour and all that stuff and then went to the game. We ate dinner with J.P. and everyone and all of the coaches and then met with Coach Williams one more time with my mom. Then we went back to the hotel and left."

What were your first impressions?
"I loved the weather, that's for sure. Their facilities are state of the art since they just put them in this past year. I liked them a lot."

How did you fare in the one-on-one?
"I actually beat Reggie Bullock and Justin Watts. But Harrison got me. He busted my lip. I shot over him a few times though."

I know you took in the UNC practice. How was that?
"Coach Holladay was talking to me for most of it. It was cool. It was fun to watch."

What did you think of the game?
"Obviously they didn't play that well, but it was still fun. They just like to push the ball up and that's my type of basketball and I liked that. It was a good experience."

You picked up a scholarship offer from Coach Williams during your visit, how did that go down?
"It was just me, him and my mom. He drew up on the white board his incoming recruits and 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 and he wrote on the white board where I fit in and everything. He just told me that I'm versatile and I can play the one, two or three and I thought I fit in pretty well with that, especially with Marcus [Paige]. He just told me about that stuff."

What did you think about being the first class of 2013 player that UNC has offered?
"I knew before I even went there that he was going to offer me, so I was kind of expecting it. But it's pretty amazing."

What was your reaction to the meeting with Roy Williams?
"He's a great guy. He just tells it how it is. I like him a lot, too."

After taking this trip, where does UNC stand?
It was a great experience. I think I would have to get used to North Carolina, but I definitely think I could get used to it. Everything is right there and it's really nice. They are definitely at the top of my list."

But does them offering change the timeline of your recruitment?
"A little bit. It depends. I have to watch what they do for recruiting, especially for my (class)."

Have you thought about digging into your recruitment more?
"I'm just trying to take it all in and not think about it too much and just see what happens."

Who all has offered to this point?
"The main schools are Wisconsin, Marquette, Virginia and North Carolina."

Does anybody stick out as a leader and if so why?
I'd say the top two are Wisconsin and North Carolina for sure. They've been there a lot. They've paid really close attention to me and I've taken visits to both schools and I really like them a lot."

You were on the visit with your AAU teammate J.P. Tokoto - have you all talked about playing together in college?
"Not too much, but a little bit. He just wants me to go where I best fit in, but he told me he'd love to play with me."

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