Ingle Makes Return Visit

Jacob Ingle made his latest visit to North Carolina last Saturday.

"I enjoyed it a lot," Ingle said. "They toured us around campus and around the athletic building. And I got to spend some time with the coaches. It was a lot of fun, actually."

Ingle, a 6-foot-2, 274-pound offensive lineman from Burlington (N.C.) Williams, has camped and attended four football games at UNC.

"Generally, every time I visit, I spent a lot of time with Coach [Sam] Pittman, because he's the O-line coach," Ingle said. "Our conversations are pretty casual now, because I've known him for a while and spent a lot of time with him. I just really like him – he's one of my favorite coaches that I've met. He's a real down-to-earth guy."

During lunch on Saturday, John Shoop joined in on Ingle's and Pittman's conversation.

"[Shoop] was just really trying to get to know me," Ingle said. "It wasn't just about football – it was about me."

Ingle has played offensive guard and tackle at Williams. UNC projects him as an interior lineman on the collegiate level.

"At camp, Pittman had me at guard," Ingle said. "But he told me if I go to Carolina, I'm probably going to play center."

Ingle has practiced at center – he just lacks game experience at the position.

"At practice, I've worked on the quarterback-center exchange and it felt pretty natural to me," Ingle said. "I actually enjoyed it a little bit."

During conversations with Pittman and Shoop, the status of a possible UNC offer was discussed.

"They just want me to stay in contact and come to camp," Ingle said. "They're still evaluating me."

Ingle plans on accepting the invitation and returning to UNC's camp this summer. Other definite camp stops include Duke, NC State, Vanderbilt, and Wake Forest.

Although he has been to several UNC football games, Saturday was Ingle's first basketball game as a recruit.

"[Football and basketball games] have similar atmospheres," Ingle said. "But every football game I've gone to, I think it's a much better atmosphere and I felt a lot more energy at football games than I did at basketball games."

Besides UNC, Ingle has visited Duke and NC State this spring. He also attended games at Army, Duke, East Carolina, NC State, and Vanderbilt last fall and camped at Duke, East Carolina, and Vanderbilt.

Though he's waiting for his first scholarship offer, Ingle's travels have allowed him to established two favorite schools.

"Right now, if I had to choose, it would be between [NC] State and [North] Carolina," Ingle said. "Both have a good football program. Both have good coaches. Carolina has a lot of good degrees – I'd love to get a degree from Carolina. NC State, I've really gotten to know the coaches well. I just feel like I'd fit into either one of those schools."

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