Q&A with Bill Guthridge

<i>Inside Carolina</i> spoke with former UNC assistant and head coach Bill Guthridge following the Roy Williams press conference.

Your feelings on being here at what appears to be a celebration of Tar Heel basketball?

It is and we're really happy that Roy is back to continue the tradition. He'll do a great job.

Were there any hard feelings after Roy changing his mind and not coming three years ago?

We were disappointed that Roy didn't come, but he had a great job at Kansas and obviously had two Final Four teams there, so we're just so happy that he's here where he belongs.

What has your involvement been with the team and the program the last three years?

Not very much – been a big fan. I go to all the games when I'm in town.

What else have you been up to?

Well, we stay up with the former players. I've taken up golf again, but the last couple of weeks have messed up my golf game – I haven't gotten to play much.

Was the approach to Roy by you and Coach Smith any different this time around?

I think Roy knew we wanted him to come if he wanted to come and he actually talked with Dick most of the time. I was campaigning to get the job myself. I had a great staff lined up – Dean Smith, Phil Ford and Michael Jordan, but he never called me.

Thoughts on Phil being possibly a part of this staff?

Phil, as Roy stated, is almost synonymous with Carolina basketball. He was a great assistant for Dean Smith and for me. And he and Phil are very good friends. I don't know what will happen.

What were your thoughts watching the last three seasons since you left? How's that been for you?

It was hard to watch at first. I'd sit there and wonder what defense we should be and what offense we should do. But I got to be more of a fan.

The decision to remove Matt Doherty – did you agree with that decision?

I think Dick's a great athletic director and Matt will be a very good coach. He admitted that he made some mistakes early on and things just didn't work out. But I think if Matt's given another opportunity, and hopefully he will, he'll be a very good head coach.

Were you aware of the problems the last three years?

There were always rumors, but I didn't believe them. Dean Smith left me a very good team and I left Matt a good team and Matt's left Roy a good team.

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