Humphries Makes First Spring Visit

Despite countless invitations, D.J. Humphries hadn't made any recruiting trips since the football season – that was until this past Saturday when he visited North Carolina.

"Of course going to Duke-Carolina [basketball] – that's priceless," Humphries said. "But I really wanted to get to sit down with Coach [Sam] Pittman and Coach [Butch] Davis. It was an open time for me, so it was great timing. So I figured I'd just go ahead and get down there. I hadn't been down there since the summer."

Humphries, a 6-foot-6, 262-pound offensive tackle from Charlotte (N.C.) Mallard Creek, achieved all three of his objectives.

Upon his arrival on campus, Humphries was given a quick campus tour before meeting with Pittman, UNC's offensive line coach, for three and a half hours.

"He was just taking me through some of their drills," Humphries said. "He showed me how to read linebackers and read the D-tackle and D-end combinations coming in and how you could tell if they were stunting. I learned a lot actually."

"I can't get bored when I'm learning. A lot of stuff I didn't know and a lot of stuff I can use this year. I wish it was longer, actually."

Pittman then handed Humphries off to Butch Davis for 30 minutes.

"He was just pretty much telling me how excited they were about me," Humphries said. "He was glad that I got down there. We were just kicking it, really."

Humphries concluded his stay with the much anticipated Duke-UNC basketball game.

"[The basketball game] was crazy," Humphries said. "It was ridiculous. Every time something good happen for Carolina, the whole gym would be rocking. It doesn't matter if it was a foul on Duke, the whole gym was rocking."

One person Humphries didn't see during his visit to UNC was former teammate and current Tar Heel Marquise Williams, who enrolled at UNC in January but was back in Charlotte for spring break.

"I'm going to be seeing him all this week, because he'll be working out at [Mallard Creek]," Humphries said. "When I saw him [Monday], he asked me how I liked [the visit to UNC]. He said ‘I know Coach Pittman laid it out for you the other day, because he's been on me hard trying to get me to get you to come down here.'"

Humphries, who has collected over 30 scholarship offers, still intends on narrowing his list of schools under consideration to five prior to the kickoff of his senior football season.

"It's been going pretty smooth," Humphries said. "I tell the coaches when I talk to them ‘Man, I know you're going to put the recruiting face on for the recruits, but I just want you to be real with me. I just need to know what it is for real.' I say the same thing to the players. It seems like they're all being honest so far."

Initially, it appeared that Humphries' final five would be comprised exclusively of SEC schools. However, at least two ACC schools have made a strong push lately.

"I like Clemson and [North] Carolina out of the ACC," Humphries said. "But other than that, it's pretty much SEC for me. I like Florida, Tennessee, LSU, South Carolina, and Georgia."

Humphries' next visit will be to Florida for the Gators' Junior Day.

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