UNC, White Have Decisions to Make

Stilman White got a front row seat behind the bench for one of the highest profile college basketball games of the year.

White, who was accompanied by Brett Queen, his high school coach, spent Saturday in Chapel Hill. He said he arrived early in the day and received a full campus tour.

"They took me around the museum and showed me around the Smith Center and all their facilities and stuff," White said. "It was pretty nice."

Then White took in North Carolina's showdown with Duke.

"It was probably the coolest experience sports-wise I have ever had," White said. "Duke/Carolina, it was a great atmosphere."

Following North Carolina's win over the Blue Devils, White and Queen met with Roy Williams and his coaching staff. Queen said the meeting went well.

"We had a great experience," Queen said. "Stilman has a very high interest level in Carolina and Carolina has a very high interest level in him. It just takes some time to get to know each other.

"That was the first time Stilman and Coach Williams had an opportunity to talk," the coach added. "There's still a process we have to go through. There's a high level of mutual interest."

Initially, White's plan has been to take his Mormon mission following his senior year of high school. However, Carolina is looking at the possibility of bringing him in for a year before he leaves for the misson.

"There are some decisions that need to be made on both sides," Queen said. "Coach Williams still needs to take some time to get to know Stilman and we need to take the time to get to know each other.

Queen was also quick to point out that White still has to decide if putting off his mission is something he wants to do.

"All along he had been planning on going on his mission right after high school because that's when he turns 19. So this is offering another option and is something that hasn't been considered before.

"Because it's North Carolina it's something that you look at a little differently. It's something that he and his family still have to work through, as whether or not delaying the mission is going to be something they are willing to do."

According to Queen, the Tar Heels have not offered White a scholarship, as they are still getting familiar with the situation.

"We aren't at the point where there has been an offer made, but we are going to continue to have some serious conversation about what he wants to do and about what they want him to do and how they are going to precede through this."

Despite there still being plenty of decisions to make, White said the trip was a success.

"I was just really impressed with everything," White said. "Everything they had was first class. The coaches, they were the nicest guys. They were real genuine. I loved everything about it. Obviously just walking into their gym and seeing all the banners and jersey hanging, it was just really impressive."

White, a 6-foot-1, 170-pound guard, averaged 20.5 points, 4.5 rebounds, 3.1 assists for Hoggard this season and is just the third player in school history to surpass 1,000 points in his career.

"He's as talented a player as I've ever coached," Queen said. "There's no doubt in my mind that he can play at any level. He's a very competitive kid and a very hard working kid."

White shot over 50-percent from the field this season and just over 36-percent from the three-point stripe.

"At the college level in a role where he's not having to play the entire game he's going to be able to be an even more effective shooter than he was for us. He's a very good athlete."

"He's an excellent passer," he added. "We asked him to do a lot of scoring for us and we didn't really have a true post presence, if we had been in a different situation and had a different team he could have averaged eight or ten assists a game, but that wasn't what we needed him to do for us to be successful."

White led Hoggard to a Mideastern Conference Tournament championship, as well as an 18-8 record.

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