NCAA Sat.: UW PC (w/audio)

Inside Carolina's Saturday press conference coverage includes quotes and audio from Washington head coach Lorenzo Romar and his players, who spoke to the media at Time Warner Cable Arena as the Huskies prepare for North Carolina on Sunday.

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Coach, Roy Williams had some pretty scathing criticism of you in his press conference.
"That's usual."

He said number one, that you owe him money for ice cream. Number two, that you had a daughter that went to UNC and that she was the only smart person in the family. Can you respond to those accusations?
"He's unbelievable. He begged me to walk to the store with him to go get ice cream, first of all. I was minding my own business, 'Would you please, I don't have anybody to walk with me? Would you please walk with me to the store so we can get some ice cream. I'll buy.'

"Okay. All right. I guess I didn't want to be rude to him. So we went, yeah, bought some ice cream. And my daughter did go to North Carolina, that's true. I may as well tell everybody the story. No, never mind, I won't. Let you tell him the story. Coach Williams is unbelievable."

Tell us.
"The story?"

"I don't know if this is one of those in-house stories I'm not supposed to tell. It probably be better if you asked him about going into a recruit's home that we were recruiting, also."

He said that.
"He did? So it's out of the bag. Since he fabricated the ice cream story, how did he tell the recruiting story? Let me hear it. Someone tell me."

He said both of you were recruiting Marvin Williams. He looked at Marvin and said, 'Ask Lorenzo where his daughter goes to school.'
"I knew he would mess that up. It was Martell Webster, it wasn't Marvin, it was Martell Webster. And he was talking to Martell Webster about how many people really loved North Carolina and the Carolina blue. He said even his own son -- when Coach Williams was at Kansas, even his own son went to North Carolina. He said, 'You know, Coach Romar's daughter even goes to Carolina.' I thought that was interesting, he brought that out in the home visit."

Where was this alleged ice cream incident?
"My version is not alleged. This was -- this summer when we were -- I think we were on a USA Basketball Committee helping select one of the teams. We were in the same motel. That's when he begged me to go get ice cream with him and promised me he would pay for it."

This is Colorado Springs ice cream?
"Pretty sure there was Blue Bell there and Blue Bell is usually sold in the South. It was San Antonio. There you go. It was San Antonio."

Cup or cone?
"No. It was a pint. If I don't have the facts, I won't say the story, unlike Coach Williams."



When you think about North Carolina and when you were younger, what do you think about when you think about a school like that in basketball?
"Michael Jordan. I mean, the best player to ever play the game went there, and then they got a lot of legendary players. It's basically every kid's dream school. I mean, to go to North Carolina or play against them, it's legendary."


"Matt, I assume you'll be matching up with Henson, at least a little. What have you watched of him so far? He's very disruptive on defense. What have you seen of him so far?
"A really good talent, lot of length. Obviously with his size and his wingspan, gets to a lot of blocked shots. Just got to be physical with a guy like that. Lot of shot blockers, I block shots myself, you kind of like to get people so you can get an opportunity to block shots. Try to just close that gap, be physical with him on both ends of the floor, and getting your body into him so it's more difficult so he's leaning back so he won't be able to block as many shots as he usually does in the past."


Because of Carolina's length and their size, do you feel like you can penetrate and get to the rim tomorrow or will this be a game where you have to rely more on offense from the perimeter?
"I think we will be able to go inside. It's always to our advantage and something we used in games. We can't stop doing it now. It's what we've used to get to this point. Going inside will also help our perimeter scoring or success tomorrow. I think we're still play the inside out game like we always do off of penetration or going into the post. Just because they're long, we're a pretty long team ourselves. We'll be okay there."

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