UNC Hosts Texas QB

Preston Dewey included North Carolina among his extensive spring school tour.

"[UNC] was recruiting me pretty hard and all the [schools in Texas] pretty much have commits at quarterback right now, so the reality is I'm going to have to go out-of-state to play football," Dewey said. "And [UNC] is a great school and I want to major in business and North Carolina is one of the best business schools in the country. And then Coach [John] Shoop, his NFL background is intriguing – he's incredibly knowledgeable about the game and he develops his quarterbacks and turns them into great players."

Dewey, a 6-foot-3, 196-pound quarterback from Austin (Texas) St. Andrew's, began his school tour with stops at Clemson and South Carolina. After leaving UNC, he headed to Alabama. Next week, he'll visit Arizona and Arizona State and the following week LSU and Southern Miss. He previously visited Baylor.

"We're trying to decide the places we like, the places we don't like, and whittling it down to where I want to go," Dewey said. "Those [aforementioned schools] are pretty much the only schools I'm interested in and are recruiting me hard, other than West Virginia, which I haven't been able to get to – hopefully I can get there later this spring."

Thus far, only Southern Miss has offered Dewey a scholarship.

"Like I told the coach [at Southern Miss], I think it's a great school [and] somewhere I could see myself, but it's up to these UNC's of the world, Alabama, and all these schools I'm visiting," Dewey said. "If they were to offer, that's obviously a step up from Southern Miss. He understood that. If I don't get the offer I want to get, that would be a great place to play. Coach [Blake] Anderson is a great guy."

Dewey and his father arrived in the Chapel Hill area last Thursday and began their UNC visit on Friday.

"I hung out with Bryn [Renner] and a couple of the guys [Friday] night and came back the next day and did the same kind of deal," Dewey said. "I got to see how they live and see if I fit into their ‘quarterback meeting room.' They seem like a tight knit group of guys.

"Bryn's a real cool guy. We got along great. I actually got to spend a lot of time with T.J. Yates, because they have a house together – that was pretty cool. We had a lot of fun. They're cool guys and they are guys I'd like to hang around with."

Dewey also spent a lot of time with Shoop, UNC's offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach, through his stay.

"We talked a lot of football," Dewey said. "He had me on the board a little bit finding out what I knew. He showed me a lot of concepts that they run – it's actually a lot similar to what we do and a lot of the same verbiage. Obviously, it's more complex at UNC, but I feel like it would be a pretty easy transition into this offense.

"He was saying that they like me a lot and they were coming down in the spring to watch me throw. And I'll probably make it up to camp."

Before leaving Sunday, Dewey and his father met with Butch Davis in his office.

"He just reiterated what Coach Shoop said," Dewey said. "He said they really like me a lot and I'm really high on their board – I'm definitely in the top four, probably the top two. They're going to consider me and hopefully offer me a scholarship.

"I'd love to play for the Tar Heels and wear Carolina Blue."

Ideally, Dewey would like to make a verbal commitment before the summer. However, several schools, including UNC, have said they're going to wait until he works out in camp before offering.

"(Attending camps) depends on who offers," Dewey said. "… Preferably, I would like to go to one camp – the school I'm committed to – that would be plan A. That doesn't happen often."

Dewey transferred into St. Andrew's prior to the 2010 football season, where he immediately became the starting quarterback and reclassified to a junior status. Under head coach Ty Detmer, who won the Heisman Trophy in 1990 and had an eight-year NFL career, Dewey threw for 1,500 yards and 13 touchdowns with a 59-percent completion rate.

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