In-State LB Visits UNC

Drew Davis made his first recruiting visit to North Carolina on Friday for the Tar Heels' sixth practice session of the spring.

"The thing that stood out to me and that I liked a lot was the fact that in their drills, they don't only sprint at the end – they're going 100 miles-per-hour all the time," Davis said. "They're always going full speed and they incorporate their conditioning into the drills. They don't have a lot of breaks – they're all business."

Davis, a 6-foot-3, 228-pound linebacker from Raleigh (N.C.) Broughton, has made countless visits to UNC in the past as a fan. His family is a former football season ticket holder.

During the visit on Saturday, Davis, who was accompanied on the visit by his coach and teammate Chris Mangus, was briefed by Art Kaufman, UNC's linebackers coach, about a possible scholarship offer.

"He said he definitely liked what he saw on film and saw some good things," Davis said. "But he would like me to go to their camp so he could evaluate me there, also. I plan on doing that."

Western Michigan extended Davis his first scholarship offer a few weeks ago.

"It looks like I'm probably going to be getting one from Ball State," Davis said. "But that's not official yet."

Before heading out to the practice field, Davis sat in on a linebacker meeting directed by Kaufman.

"It was good to see how his philosophy on coaching is," Davis said. "They reviewed the film and watched each player. They reviewed the drills and different coverages. I liked being able to tell what you're doing wrong and work on the small things to make you better."

Throughout practice, Davis focused on the linebackers and how Kaufman coaches them.

"I liked to see what they did," Davis said. "[Kaufman] doesn't really raise his voice, but he was definitely intense about it. You could tell that he cares a lot about the linebackers. He was able to pick out the small things that they were doing wrong. I could tell that he was really into technique."

Following practice, Davis met briefly with Butch Davis in his office.

"He just talked about how his son has the same name as me," Davis said. "It was funny. We shared stories about how on write-ups people always get us confused."

On Saturday, Davis visited NC State with former teammate Juston Burris, who signed with the Wolfpack last February.

"I pretty much did the same thing – I sat in on a defensive meeting and then the linebacker meeting, and then watched practice," Davis said.

Earlier in the spring, Davis attended junior days at Duke, East Carolina, and Wake Forest. He plans on visiting Vanderbilt over his spring break.

Since proximity will play a major role in his collegiate decision, Davis is currently favoring all of the in-state programs.

"I definitely want to stay close to home if I can," Davis said. "So I'd say my top [schools] right now probably are UNC, Wake Forest, [NC] State, and ECU."

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