Roy Williams Radio Show Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Roy Williams said on his final radio program of the season? Here are some excerpts from the live call-in show hosted by Woody Durham ...

On the dramatic improvement in both North Carolina and Kentucky since the December meeting:
"It was amazing because I watched the tape of that game while we were in New Jersey, from the time period of the Marquette game up until then, and I said, ‘It's amazing how bad both teams were in December and how much better [they are now].' And Jerod Haase, when he gave the scouting report to our team on whatever night that was, he said the two most improved teams in college basketball this year are Kentucky and North Carolina. Both teams just got a heck of a lot better. Both teams were really young. They started two freshmen, two juniors and a senior and we started two freshmen, two sophomores and a junior, so both teams were really young, but they were two teams that really improved during the course of the season."

On Harrison Barnes, Tyler Zeller and John Henson and their NBA decisions:
"I don't know. I'm going to get some information for those kids and give them the information that I can get from my friends in the NBA, the general managers that I know very well and try to tell them what their evaluation would be from those people. And then I'm going to sit back and then tell them to tell me what they want to do. I will give them my opinion about what I think would be best for them, but I want them to tell me what they want to do and allow them and their families to make a decision. I'd have a difficult time handling living with Ol' Roy if I tried to talk somebody into doing something in either direction."

How confident are you about adding a point guard to the class coming in next season?
"How confident am I about adding a point guard? Not very confident ... For us, we thought we'd have Larry, Dexter and Kendall and we don't really want to have four point guards on our team so we did not recruit a point guard. Larry leaving in the middle of the year as he did, and I think 89 of the Top 100 prospects signed in the fall, so those guys aren't available now. So we are still looking and you never can tell what we might have, but there's not anyone out there that is a McDonald's All-American kind of player that we're going to add. But we are still looking to add another point guard to have an insurance policy. I think we're working on it very hard and hopefully we'll find something."

Why don't we defend the 3-point shot any better?
"Just not good enough… We try and I'll give you this example. You have to understand the other team has a right to be pretty doggone good, too. Kentucky shoots 39.6 percent from the 3-point line as a team. North Carolina's roster has no one individual on our team that shoots over 39.6 percent. They are really good. We tried to defend them, the kids tried to get out there. Brandon Knight and Deandre Liggins made two big-time threes during the closing stretch of the game. Instead of being there in the western part of the state and in northern Georgia saying, ‘Why didn't the Tar Heels do something?', congratulate Kentucky on making big-time plays because that's what those kids did. It's not in the Constitution that Carolina has got to always win."

And Kentucky's 3-point shooting accounts for a third of their offense –
"Yeah, and nobody works any harder at it than we do and my kids. You have to understand that if you want to go up and guard Brandon Knight's 3-point shot, then get up to him belly-to-belly and turn around and look as he goes blasting by you to the goal. There's no one quicker and faster than Dexter Strickland and he worked as hard and played as good a defensive game as I have ever had a two-guard play in 23 years as a head coach and the guy that he guarded got 22."

Injury update on Reggie Bullock:
"Reggie had a doctor's appointment [on Monday]. [Trainer] Chris Hirth and Reggie came up to see me afterwards and they said he's doing great. He's off crutches. They put him in a different brace that's a smaller brace. He's going to see the doctor again in about three weeks and at that time they might allow him to start dribbling around and doing some things. But they really, really feel good."

On incoming recruits James McAdoo and P.J. Hairston:
"James McAdoo is just a fantastic young man, great student, great family, the kind of kid who will do a great job representing the University of North Carolina and everything it stands for. He's a 6-8 combination forward, he'll probably end up playing a position somewhat like Marvin Williams did because he can shoot, he's agile, he can run, he can jump.

"And P.J. Hairston, 6-5, maybe 6-5-and-a-half perimeter player - if you had to put him in one category you'd call him a big guard. He can really, really shoot the basketball from really, really deep. Probably has more range on his jump shot than any guard I've ever coached. The first time I saw P.J. in high school he had 30 at half. So I said, ‘That guy does something I like – he doesn't shoot them, he just makes them.' But he's a good defensive player. He's a good player."

I know people that say you can recruit, but you can't coach. Can you help me out in what I can say to respond to that?
"Tell them to go to hell. That's the easiest thing. I'm probably making this radio show X-rated… When I was at Kansas, they said I was a great coach but that I couldn't recruit and now they say I can recruit but can't coach. Most of those people that say that we've usually beat their butts a lot of times."

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