Erik Highsmith Q&A

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Junior wide receiver Erik Highsmith spoke to reporters prior to North Carolina's football practice on Wednesday afternoon.

What is the team hoping to get out of the spring game? I know the fans get excited about it, but how about for you?
"It really feels like another practice to me, but it's in front of fans, so I'm just ready to go out there and show them what I've been working on this offseason -- speed, catching the ball and a lot of routes. I just want to show Carolina nation what we've been working hard on this offseason."

How do you feel the offense is coming along?
"I think our chemistry is coming along good. Of course, we're going through a quarterback change. Our offensive line is looking really good. I think our receivers are doing pretty good and our running backs are doing pretty good. Our quarterbacks have been in chemistry with them."

How has the offense evolved? Last year you all were so concentrated on the passing game, but it looks like the running game is really going to improve a lot with the offensive line getting stronger.
"Our offensive line is really strong. I think they're one of the strongest position groups on the team. I think we're going to throw even more this year, honestly. We've got a lot of wideouts that are pretty good. We have one freshman. Everybody can play if they want to red-shirt him, but I think we're going to throw more than we ever did before this year."

Last year there were a lot of receivers that rotated with the first team. Is it difficult to get into a rhythm like that?
"You have your ups and downs every game. I had a lot of bad games last year, I think. The coaches feel like whoever is feeling good about their confidence right then or that week, then they're a starter. I have nothing to say about the coaches [and] what their decision is. I just go out there and do my job. It is kind of frustrating. You start three weeks, and then the next two you don't start. It's all a business. Whoever is performing well, just go out there and play."

How different is the offense going to be with Bryn Renner at quarterback than it was with T.J. Yates?
"I think it's just reading the concepts where everyone is supposed to be, pre-snap reads and stuff, but our chemistry is going pretty good. We're just really trying to get our timing down. Bryn's got a hell of an arm. That's not going to be really hard. He can throw deep routes, anything, so that's the advantage on our part."

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