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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Butch Davis said on his special spring radio program Wednesday night? Here are some excerpts from the live call-in show hosted by Woody Durham ...

On the goals of spring:
"One of [the goals] is to develop are young players. It's a great opportunity for the kids that are red-shirt freshmen that didn't play last year and a lot of the young kids that did get pressed into playing last year maybe before they needed to play – it's chance to work on them. A chance to build their fundamentals, build their skills, find out roles that they can play for this football team. And then one of the things that you always love is to see who are going to be the playmakers. Who is going to step up and fill the roles of the guys that graduated?"

On the progression of spring ball since Davis first arrived at UNC:
"Now going into the fifth spring, we get a chance to spend a lot more time on things that you know are going to make those kids better football players. There's not as much experimentation about who can play where. During that first spring, we were experimenting and moving people a lot of people around. Deunta Williams moved from wide receiver to safety. A lot of it was us, just trial and error on who could play.

"But obviously we're past all of that and now we go out there and we practice with so much efficiency. We had some recruits there [on Wednesday] and just in talking to those kids, they were saying, ‘Coach, we couldn't believe how fast you guys practice with tempo and speed and going from one drill to the next. You guys go at such a faster pace.' And that's a tribute to our coaching staff and to our players."

On a standout player during spring ball:
"I'm going to tell you the guy that I feel like has done an outstanding job and that's Brennan Williams. And everybody is going to say, ‘Why Brennan Williams? Why the right offensive tackle, No. 73, that played a little bit for us last year?' Every day that he goes to practice, the guy he has to look across the line at is Quinton Coples. Every single time the ball is snapped. So some of his days are better than others, some days are really outstanding and some days drills are really good, but other days aren't quite as good. But if you want to talk about immediate feedback on if you're making strides…

"That's the kind of quality of guys that if we're going to win, then you're going to play against a guy like Quinton Coples. We have seen his improvement every single day. He's getting better and better and better."

On the January enrollees:
"They're doing very well. They're all getting a chance to get a feel for college life and what it's like, kind of earning their spurs in the locker room and on the practice field. Sylvester Williams has been an unbelievably pleasant surprise. He's a junior college player that came in and I will promise you that this kid is going to help this football team immediately. He's a terrific worker, he's got a great motor [and] his practice habits are outstanding.

"Tydreke Powell, who helped recruit Sylvester when he came in on his official visit… After he had been here about three weeks, he was calling Tydreke on Saturday mornings at like 7am and saying, ‘We've got to go work out.' And Tydreke was like, ‘It's Saturday morning – it's 7am.' So you could get a sense about how excited he was about getting here, but he's been a good influence and those guys have fallen in love with him. He's been a good part of our team… He can play. His motor runs extremely well, he's strong, he's powerful [and] he's athletic."

On Dwight Jones:
"One of the things that coaching staffs want is that you want your seniors and the guys that are becoming the marquee players and the face of your program, you want those guys to step up. You don't want any complacency. You don't want any guys that are like, ‘I've got it all figured out.' You want guys that are working exceptionally hard. Dwight has had an outstanding spring. He's working on all of the little finer points of becoming an accomplished receiver. He's getting down the field and running routes.

"You've heard Roy [Williams] talk about this in basketball, but you've got to play well without the ball. If the ball is going some place else, how well do you run your route outside knowing that you might be the third read in a pass play? Or the fourth [read] or you might be a decoy totally? So I'm really pleased and proud in watching Dwight and the way that's going into his senior season."

On the 2011 recruiting class that was ranked top-20 nationally:
"I've got to be honest with you, I don't care if they rate us 99th or first – we like them. They're good players and they are kids that are going to come in and help this football program not only next year – some of them will have a little bit of an opportunity in 2011 – but they will be part of the future of this program."

On the health status of Bruce Carter and Deunta Williams:
"They're making great strides. April 9th is the NFL's recheck from the first Indianapolis combine. Both of them – the prognosis by all of the medical experts is that by the middle of the summer, before – if – the NFL has a training camp, they'll be ready to go. They've made great strides. Bruce is really doing good and I saw Deunta and he's starting to jog this week. They've got a couple of months to get ready, so we think both of those guys will be ready to go."

'Butch Davis Live' airs Wednesday evenings during the fall on Tar Heel Sports Network affiliates.

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