Q&A with Archie Goodwin

HAMPTON, Va. --- Archie Goodwin remains in attack mode, with a bigger and stronger frame helping create his path to the rim. He updated his recruitment following his Friday night game at the EYBL ...

What schools are you considering right now?
"Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Baylor, Texas, Tennessee, North Carolina, Florida State, Kansas, Louisville, Georgetown and UConn"

That's quite a list, when do you think you'll make a cut?
"I'll narrow it down by the end of the summer. I'll have it down to 10 or five."

When was the last time you heard from UNC?
"I heard from them like a week ago. I talked to coach Roy Williams. He was still a little upset about the loss to Kentucky. I talked to him and he was just telling me how important I am to him and things like that."

How would you describe the amount of attention you've received from UNC?
"They've been coming pretty hard."

What are you looking for in a school?
"I'm looking for a school that's going to allow a person to play but also is going to make them work hard for everything they get. I don't want anything coming in. I want you to make me earn what I get. I just want a school that has a good educational system and a hard-working, family-oriented coaching staff."

How do you react to a physical game like you saw tonight?
"I'm used to it all the time. I've been knocked down a thousand times. I just get back up and keep playing."

You seem like you don't shy away from physical play, is that true?
"I like contact because if I can get contact and finish with the and one, I know I'm going to make my free throws. So the worst case scenario is that I can shoot two free throws and I know I can knock them down."

Have you grown any from last year?
"Yeah, I'm a little under 6-foot-6 now."

Last year your coaches said you might play some point, have you been doing that at all?
"I've been playing a little point in school ball and working on everything and trying to play point but I know right now my role on this team can't be to play the point because we need some more scoring."

What have you been working on?
"I've just been working on getting stronger, shooting quicker, dribbling -- really everything. Just trying to make sure I keep everything tight and make sure that I'm solid at a little bit of everything."

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