2014 Intro: Tyus Jones

HAMPTON, Va. --- The EYBL weekend was full of changes for 2014 point guard Tyus Jones.

In addition to playing with the 17s for the first time, Jones was also asked to switch positions for the Howard Pulley All-Stars. After spending most of his basketball career as a lead guard, the 5-foot-11 Jones has to play off the ball on the circuit this season.

It's not often a player ranked highly in his class will make such a drastic switch, but with 2012 point guard Siyani Chambers already in the mix, Jones moved to a position of need for his team.

"It's a different transition," Jones said. "I've got to get used to it a little bit more because I'm not used to not always having the ball in my hands but it's going to be good."

Jones handled the transition as well as could be hoped against top competition. Usually a pass-first point guard, Jones displayed a deft shooting and slashing ability. He said this summer should make him a more complete guard.

"I think it definitely will (benefit me)," Jones said. "I think it will help my game from a different perspective. I'll be able to be in more of an attack mode but also see the floor. I think it'll help."

The transition to the top level of play has been helpful, Jones said. Playing against bigger, stronger athletes leaves no margin of error for the rising sophomore.

"I just have to be sharper with everything," Jones said. "I can't take plays off playing 17s. You've got to play 100 percent, every time."

After this summer Jones expects to return to his natural point guard position, where he's considered to be one of the top players in his class. Jones describes himself as a pass-first guard and says he tries to learn from the best.

"I just watch point guards in general and see how they try to set their team up," Jones said. "I like watching Derrick Rose a lot. He's having a great year. Also Rajon Rondo, how he sets up the offense."

While his position change will develop his scoring ability, Jones is focusing on developing other parts of his game as well.

"I'm always trying to improve my defense," Jones said. "You can never go wrong with trying to get better at defense and then just strength and quickness."

Jones said it's too early for him to think too seriously about college but mentioned being recruited by several schools.

"I'm not taking it too serious, I guess. I'm not ready to commit. But Minnesota and Iowa have offered. Iowa State, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Ohio State, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Dayton, Drake, Arizona (are interested)," Jones said. "I'm getting letters and stuff."

Jones said he's not ready to name favorites. In fact, Jones said he's not even sure what he's looking for in a school.

"No, I really don't," Jones said. "I'm not ready to make any commitments. I still have a few years until I'm ready to make a commitment."

EYBL Evaluation: "The sky is absolutely the limit for Jones. He is super quick with the bounce, knows how to gain separation from his defender, and can also really pass the ball. His shot wasn't falling early, though he is capable of making them, and at the 17 and under level he seemed more than comfortable against other good guards. As he gains more experience it is almost scary to think how good he could become." -- Brian Snow, Scout.com

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