UNC in Top 3 for Elite 2013 LB

During a meeting with Butch Davis on Saturday, E.J. Levenberry, a 2013 linebacker prospect, received his latest scholarship offer.

"My father, Coach Davis, and I were sitting in his office talking," Levenberry said. "And Coach Davis was like, ‘You're the type of football player we want here at North Carolina and we'd like to offer you a scholarship.

"It was good, because one of the main reasons I like North Carolina is because I know Coach Davis is a great coach. He coached Sean Taylor, which is my favorite player, and Ray Lewis. He seems like he can get players to the pros. But even if the pros don't work out, he has a great school around him and I know I can get a good degree coming from there."

By his estimation, a dozen schools have verbally offered Levenberry, a 6-foot-3, 222-pounder, a scholarship. Alabama, Florida, Florida State, Maryland, Vanderbilt, and Virginia Tech are among the offering schools.

"I'm just blessed," Levenberry said. "I went to Dematha, before I transferred away. While I was at Dematha, my coach, Deno Campbell, he gave me the opportunity as a freshman to play. I started three games as a freshman at Dematha – Dematha at that time was ranked in the top 15 in the country – and I was the only freshman to ever start on varsity at Dematha. God blessed me and Coach Campbell thought that he could work with me. I was put in a really good situation."

Following Christmas break, Levenberry transferred from Hyattsville (Md.) DeMatha Catholic to Allendale (Va.) High School. He'll make yet another transfer – to Woodbridge (Va.) Hylton – before the start of his junior football season.

"My parents, they're moving to C.D. Hylton High School's district," Levenberry said. "We have a pretty good sophomore class. I believe we're going to make a run [for the state title] the next two years, because we have a lot of talent."

On Saturday, Levenberry and his father drove down to the triangle area of North Carolina. After spending the afternoon at NC State watching the Wolfpack's practice and meeting with its coaches, they headed over to UNC.

"By the time we got to North Carolina, the [spring] game was already over," Levenberry said. "But we were intending on going to the spring game."

Better late than never.

"We went to the football offices and we were walking around," Levenberry said. "We were going towards the weight room and one of the coaches passed by and asked who I was. I told him I was E.J. Levenberry. And then all the coaches from the defensive side and a lot of coaches from the offensive side came downstairs. They were all greeting me and they were all respectful. They were telling me about the school, all the recruits they were getting, and then they brought me up to Coach Davis' office about an hour later after they got done talking to me."

Besides UNC and NC State, Levenberry has also visited Maryland, Oklahoma, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Virginia Tech, and West Virginia.

"For me, I'm trying to commit before my senior year, so I can get the stress away," Levenberry said. "I just want to visit all the schools and see what's out there [and] see what I like."

Already Levenberry's travels have resulted in a favorite schools list.

"My top three right now, in no specific order, from my offers is Florida State, the University of Florida, and North Carolina," Levenberry said. "… One of the key things that I'm looking for is I want to feel like I'm wanted.

"At [the three] schools, I know I'm going to have competition, which is what I want. Other schools have guaranteed me playing time as a freshman, but I don't really want that as odd as that sounds. I'm a competitor and I want to prove I deserve a spot. I want to be remembered as somebody that competed and worked hard for his stuff. And [the three schools] showed me they're going to have a bunch of competitors that are going to force me to keep going and keep pushing to do better."

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