Signee Update: Devonte Brown

Since signing with North Carolina in, February, Devonte Brown has focused on getting to know his future position coach at UNC, Joe Robinson.

"We're developing a close relationship," Brown said. "It's not a strong connection yet, because we're still learning each other."

For much of his recruitment, Brown, a defensive lineman from Fayetteville (N.C.) Britt, had developed a strong relationship with John Blake, who resigned in early September. Brown went on to verbally commit to UNC in mid-November without knowing who his position coach would be. When Brian Baker was hired in January, Brown rushed to establish a relationship with him only to see him leave the coaching staff less than a month later.

"It's been a rough ride," Brown said. "I just kept my head up."

Since Robinson was hired in mid-February, Brown talks to him at least once a week over the phone, and spoke to him in-person while visiting UNC for the spring game in early April.

"My impressions of his personality are he's a good man, he means what he says, [and] he expects a lot out of me," Brown said.

With the defensive line coach turnover, the game plan for Brown is full of uncertainty.

"I might play D-end or D-tackle – we don't know, yet," Brown said. "We're going to talk more about that when I get on campus. But I really don't want to red-shirt – that's my honest opinion. If they need me to red-shirt, then we'll talk about that, but I want to play."

After his senior football season concluded, Brown considered joining Britt's wrestling team, but decided against it to spend more time working out in preparation for his UNC career. His workout routine consist of a mixture of the regimen UNC sent him and the offseason workout Britt's football team follows.

"[Workouts] are going well," Brown said. "I'm getting stronger, I'm getting faster, and I'm bettering myself as a person, as well as a football player.

"For one thing, [UNC's regimen] is a lot more running [than Britt's routine] – that's for sure. The hang clean, power clean, and stuff like that is basically the same thing."

Brown, who played his senior football season in the 265-270-pound range, is up to 275 pounds on his 6-foot-4 frame, which is about where he aims to be when he reports for freshmen orientation on June 13.

During his UNC career, Brown says he will continue to don No. 74.

"[In high school] first I wanted 71, because that was the year my mom was born," Brown said. "But in high school, they couldn't give me 71, so I just went with 74. So I just thought I'd ride out with No. 74 for now on."

Brown is unsure what he'll major in at UNC, but is considering physical therapy.

"I'm good with my hands," Brown said. "Also, [that major] would help if I suffer any sort of injury."

Regarding the NCAA Clearinghouse, Brown says he's "good to go."

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